Meet Us!

I'm Cooper. I don't know how to be alone. I'm super smart and LOVE to read! I play the piano pretty darn good and I'm the perfect child for parents who like to brag.

I'm Sean. Look at my eyelashes. I am very charismatic and everyone seems to just love me. I fly under the radar and know how to get away with things. I don't believe you when you tell me that something is dangerous or gross, I have to find out for myself. I love science and especially bugs!

  I'm Mason. I am constantly moving, even in my sleep. My mom says that I'm part fish because I LOVE the water so much. I love to boogie board, play video games and eat!

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I'm Rand. I hypnotize people with my cuteness. I love to sleep at night and make demands all day long. I'm a serious kid, but can give you some seriously cute smiles. I'm crazy smart and love to watch Frozen and Curious George.

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I'm Briallen (Bree Ah Len). I love all my brothers or anyone who is willing to give me attention. I sleep wonderfully and am just discovering solid foods and almost crawling. I love it when you sing to me.

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