Monday, June 13, 2016

Palmyra Trip 2016

As we get ready to leave this AMAZING place we spent our FHE tonight visiting Palmyra one last time. We are hoping the spirit of these places resonate with our kids for years to come.

At the Smith Home

The back door of the home looking out into the grove

Upstairs in the bedroom


Peek a boo view of the temple

Under the "Alvin Tree" Next to the frame home
When Joseph's older brother passed away, they planted this tree in his memory and it's still there.

The hay barn

the "Cooper" shed!

Walking to the grove
Bees were buzzing, sweet birds singing!

In the sacred grove

Walking along the back property line...

Sean lost a tooth at the Hill Cumorah. He buried it there so that a part of him is buried where the Golden plates where buried!

Family Shot at the Top of the Hill Cumorah

And they ran down the hill.....