Sunday, March 27, 2016

New York Easter 2016

Today, we had our first beautiful weather of the year! We decided to drive a little over an hour to find Nick's 4th great grandfather (John Martineau), grandmother (Eliza Mears Martineau "Our Mother") and 2 of their daughters' (Lucretia, age 23 and Harriet, age 2) graves. While looking over family history, we were surprised to learn that they lived and were buried such a short distance from where we live, in a small roadside cemetery in Elbridge, NY.

As we drove in the car, we read from the journals of James Henry Martineau (John Martineau's son) as much as we could, stories from their lives and as many facts as we could find. We even read their patriarchal blessings!

Two of the favorite stories were....
#1 the ghost story
     While riding his horse home around midnight one night, James Mears was passing a graveyard and saw a a woman in white. The horse was a bit spooked but he decided to check it out (we all thought that this was pretty brave). As he got closer to the apparition, he decided to check if it was real and whipped it with his whip. The woman screamed and it was a young woman, sleep walking in her night dress. Her mother had passed away a few weeks prior. James tried to comfort and console her as he escorted her home.

#2 the wedding
     On January 1st, 1796, John Martineau's in laws (James Mears and Lois Sprague) were young and in love. They wanted to marry. So he hopped on his horse one day, with his love in the saddle behind him. They rode toward the next town looking for the minister. To their dismay, they found a stream flooded and much too deep to cross. So they started yelling and shouting for someone to help. A man came to the other side of the river and they told him that they needed the minister. The man fetched the minister, where he proceeded to marry them, shouting their wedding vows across the river. When finished they hopped back on the horse and headed straight for their modest log cabin to start their life together.

We are so grateful that families are forever and that the boys can learn about the wonderful grandparents they had. They have an amazing history and we were happy to visit these graves today, to clean them a bit and give them a piece of our lives.

 Harriet Age 2.5

Lucretia (Martineau), died at 23(she was the daughter of John Martineau and married the brother of Eliza Mears... we think?? fun stuff!)

John Martineau 5th great grandfather

Eliza Mears Martineau 5th great grandmother

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do you remember Joann Martineau in Morgan Hill. Did you know that Suzanne White is a Martineau?