Saturday, October 10, 2015

Peter Whitmer Farm

Visitor's Center/Chapel at the Peter Whitmer farm.

We had the opportunity to visit the Peter Whitmer Farm, which is a bigger part of Mormon history that I originally thought. In this tiny little home, the gold plates where translated. Our guide told us that the little girls sleeping in the room next door, would fall asleep to the sound of the prophet, Joseph Smith's voice, translating the Book of Mormon.

Downstairs in the kitchen, we learned that the FIRST sacrament meeting was held, only 50 members where there. It's a wonderful thing how the church has spread so abundantly and quickly in the nearly 200 yrs since this first meeting. I felt a peace at this spot that was serene and testified of truths to me. It kinda caught me off-guard. The sun was setting behind the log home, the geese were honking as they make their migration south and the fall colors and crisp air just made me feel all happy inside. Like, there couldn't be a better spot for the birth of Christ's church to be born. Highly recommend!

The visitors center was awesome too, by the way. The kids loved the games and we even watched a movie. The visitor center holds a time capsule that is scheduled to be opened on the 200 yr anniversary of that first meeting.

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