Monday, June 16, 2014

The Trip

I am happy to report that everyone arrived safely in New York. However, it wasn't the smoothest of trips. During packing and cleaning, both Nick and I got colds. We basically felt awful but still worked and worked. We barely fit everything in and even left stuff behind. Luckily my next door neighbor took many things off our hands.

We left on Saturday, June 7th. We were aiming for morning, but didn't pull out of the driveway until about 6pm. I cried. A. Lot. I felt like I was dragging my metaphoric claws through Pacifica as we drove away, against my will, wanting to hold onto our precious time there. But I was also super excited for new adventure and I had no idea what we were in for.

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We drove to Reno and stayed at the John Ascuaga's Nugget Casino Resort. We all crammed into a small room, didn't get much sleep and swam in the pool the next morning before heading to Utah.

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We arrived in Utah without incident.We visited with lots of family and friends for the week that we were there. My phone DIED which is why I have practically NO pictures from the time we were there and no memory card for my camera. But how awesome it was to see everyone. It'd been much too long.

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Our flights to New York were Saturday, June 14th. Friday I came down with a stomach bug and was feeling terrible. I had to cancel my lunch plans but stuck it out for dinner. I prayed REALLY hard that it would pass so that I could survive the flights with 5 kids the next morning.


We woke up on Saturday. I felt better but not 100% (you know how it goes), but go grateful that I was able to function. We loaded up ALL that luggage and headed to the airport. We got to the gate and our plane was there. Everything seemed to be going smoothly. Then they announce that there was a small mechanical issue with the plane and the flight was delayed a few minutes. We watched as mechanics came, luggage being unloaded, etc. Then our flight was delayed a few hours. Knowing that we wouldn't make our connecting flight, I tried to make different arrangements with the attendants, but they sat me back down telling me that I could still possible make it.... hahaha, "yeah right" i mumbled as I sat back down. And 5 minutes later, they announced that our flight was cancelled. Long story short, they put us up in a hotel for the night and fed us meals. The Double Tree in Salt Lake was awesome BTW. The kids swam in the pool with their cousins and we got to hang with family for one more day.


Sunday morning, we made our way again with ALL THAT luggage, through security with carseats, stroller, and lots of bags. The diaper bag tested positive for explosives and they had to do all these tests on me, the bag, Nick, etc. It was a silly fiasco that just made me roll my eyes. We were finally on the airplane! But we weren't able to sit together. Right after take off, Mason tells me that he thinks he's going to barf. And he starts barfing (thank heaven for those bags!!!! we used a LOT) and barfing and barfing. The girl next to him agreed to switch seats with me and she sat next to Rand (who was happily sleeping/watching the kindle).


We made a connecting flight in Chicago and Sean said he wasn't feeling well either. I informed the attendant that we had a family of 7, some of which were vomiting. They sat us all together in the very rear of the plane. I warned the stewardess and she hooked us up with ginger ale, lots of extra bags, wipes, etc. She was awesome! The boys all slept.

We arrived safely and on time! Flying over our new home was so fun. It was green and beautiful :)

We got our rental car and couldn't fit everything in. Luckily I had bought some ratchet straps in Utah (just in case) and we were able to tie stuff on the top of the car, but it took a LONG time. Those that weren't sick were hungry, Mason was sitting in the HOT muggy car barfing still and crying. Rand was melting down because he cant handle change. Nick and I were barely holding it together. But we made it to our little vacation house. I made a bed for Mason right away and he went to sleep immediately and was SUPER SUPER thankful to finally have a place to just be sick.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Nick!!!  He got to spend his birthday in 3 airports and having a super fun time!

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