Sunday, November 3, 2013


Have you met Rand? If you have, you will understand this new word in our home which is a hybrid of "Rand" and "Radar." The kid has built-in radar. He knows everything in the house that is left unattended. I'm not talking toys, or clothes or furniture. I'm talking electronics, open toilets, open doors, remote controls, tissue boxes and computers, anything that he's not supposed to have he goes after and FAST. The kid is so fast that his superhero name would be "The Blur."

This is why every chair is knocked over and barstools are upside down, to prevent (or at least slow down) the little blur.

For example, you're sitting at the computer. The phone rings and you get up, walk 4 feet to pick it up, and its a telemarketer that you hang up on instantly. You turn back to the computer and Rand is already sitting on the desk holding the mouse, your screen is gone and some youtube video about a fox is playing. This is a typical Randar moment. You get it right? In 20 seconds everything is chaos. Like all the time. SIGH

He's wearing us out.

1 1/2 years old and cuter than ever.

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