Monday, November 4, 2013

Briallen is 1 month old!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugShe weighs in at 10 1/2 pounds and 22 inches! She is growing up so fast. We are all trying to snuggle her as much as possible before she grows into a sassy teenager!

Her brothers LOVE her so much. I never have to bribe or look for willing arms to take her in. She is one loved little girl.

At her doctors appointment today, he was a bit concerned with her eyes. Supposedly they aren't perfectly straight. I hadn't even noticed and we're hoping it will correct itself before her 2 month check up.
Other than that, she is a perfectly healthy bundle of pink.

This month she has started gifting everyone with her smiles. She loves to be talked to and especially sung to. She quiets at the sounds and vibrations of music.

Last night she slept over 6 hours, woke up for a snack and slept another 6 hours! LOVIN' this girl!

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