Thursday, October 31, 2013

A child's holiday fo' sure

I have a love/hate relationship with Halloween.
But I remember the magical feeling of getting to be someone else for a day.
Last minute costume fittings and fixes and school parties to attend.
But I get mommy taxes on the loot they bring home.
On November 1st it looks like a monster-sized pinata puked all over the house.
Okay, I'll admit half of those wrappers are mine.
and a week later they are still sneaking into their costumes for a little reprise.
So childhood was pretty great, wasn't it?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

10 years of Sean

Sean age 3 and age 10
He is 10 years old now.  Double digits dude. We've survived 10 years of him! More responsibility and all that stuff. He hasn't changed all that much. He still loves seafood and pretty much anything that Cooper hates. He's super smart and I foresee him as the absent-minded professor. Love this kid so much. He really is amazing. Happy Birthday, Sean. Please be good!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

I couldn't get her into a tutu fast enough

She'll probably see these photos someday and say, "mom, WHY did you put that on me?"
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
And I'll tell her, "I waited so long for a baby to put in a tutu."
And people make fun of me for doing these photos literally within hours of coming home from the hospital. (if you look closely, you can see her little cord crimped)
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
But I'm not offended when people jest about my photographic eagerness.
 Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Because sometimes I wish I could freeze time. And this is my closest attempt. And because you would too!
Welcome home Briallen.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Briallen Joy

Welcome to the world of boys, little girl. This is the birth story. If talking TMI girly stuff bothers you, STOP reading now.

Briallen was planned for those who've asked but she came into a crazy schedule. We had some difficulty with the final days of pregnancy which resulted in spending many hours bouncing on a ball, playing music at the bottom of my belly and crawling around the house on my hands and knees. She was breech and did NOT want to flip. Luckily at my 38 appointment, she was no longer breech and was still a girl!!! YAY! Dad had his semester break and we were hoping that she would come early, but she didn't and I was denied the membrane strip due to the fact that her little head was floating high inside and not engaging my cervix. So we waited. And waited.

The day before my due date (and induction date, even though I didn't want to be induced!) I was contracting regularly. They were pretty significant, but not painful. I had these a few days before but they finally went away after about 5 hours or so. I called the advice nurse and asked if I could be induced today instead since the contractions were so annoying. She basically told me NO, but to get my butt to the hospital so I don't deliver at home. I took my time and arrived around 10 AM. So I went in and it was determined that I was in labor.

Dad was at school. Grandma was with me. I was dilated to a 2. Head was still not engaged. So we waited. And waited. A few hours later I was dilated to a 5 and Nick arrived. Her head was still not engaged and they would not break my water. (If you break the bag of waters before the head is engaged to seal off the opening, the umbilical cord can prolapse and kill the baby!) So we waited for many hours and nothing was happening. I received an epidural and was hooked to pitocin, stronger contractions could make the baby descend, but she was not having it!!

About 6 PM things were not changing. My doctor went home and I was left to the mercy of the on-call night doctor. She decided to break my water and kept her hand in there to make sure the cord didn't come out. Her head engaged and I was eager to get things moving! My labors weren't normally this long and I was ready to be done.

I'm not sure what was going on inside me. But once baby descended, she began to be in distress. Her little heart rate kept plummeting and scaring my nurse. I had to lay on one side to keep her heart rate stable. However,  this meant that the "up" side of my body didn't get the epidural and it pretty much sucked, but I was totally fine with it as long as I saw that little heart rate monitor stay where it should. Also, because I was on my side, my cervix wasn't dilating normally. They finally just had me start pushing, on my side and before I was fully dilated. It only took 2 pushes before the cervix was gone. After a few more pushes they had me stop and the doctor worked quickly (I just remember writhing in pain feeling the baby half-way out and thinking, "why wont they let me push her out!?!?!") I was finally able to push her completely out. I was sobbing (not from joy, okay maybe a little joy of just being relieved of the pain) and they rushed her away and didn't put her on my tummy or let dad cut the cord. I knew something was off, but I wasn't worried, I knew everything was fine. The cord was wrapped tightly around her little neck and she was blue, I was told, I'm kinda glad I didn't see it.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugShe was born at 9 pm. My largest baby at 8 pounds 7 ounces, 20 inches with lots of dark hair. She's perfect and I'm relieved!

Look at those long fingers! I'm convinced that she'll play piano. She loves music!

The story behind her name. Briallen Joy. Pronounced <bree AHL en> Our children are primarily of Welsh descent. We really wanted a Welsh name. Briallen made the short list when we first started looking at names and stayed on the list. Welsh names can be quite different (just Google some). Briallen is the Welsh form of "primrose" which means "first flower." The primrose is the first flower of the season to bloom.We felt it fitting. We then needed a middle name. Nick pulled up his family flowchart and saw "Joy" as his great grandmother's middle name. It just seem to fit. When he told his grandmother, she said that Joy was her middle name, but that she actually went by it.

We are obviously so happy to tip the scales a bit in our family with a girl.