Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Another Surprise!

And you thought that having a 5th baby on the way was shocking?

For those of you that are colorblind, that last stick figure representing our unborn child is PINK!

Finally, we are on team PINK!

So what happened?

We had our ultrasound today. Grandma came down to hang with the boys. I drank a Sunny Delight in the car on the way over to give the little baby a kick so it'd be moving around for the ultrasound technician. We explain to her that we have 4 boys at home.... She did her scan. Baby is perfect in every way, nothing amiss, SO HAPPY!
She finally said, "well, I think you're finally getting that baby girl."
I said, "are you sure? You HAVE to be sure."
"I'm pretty darn sure, see those 3 lines?" ...... etc
I still let her get another technician to verify, and baby was cooperating, spreading her legs and everything for them, 2nd opinion, YEP it's a girl.

I kinda cried. Kinda. Why? I'm still not sure? Happiness, maybe. Fright, definitely.

Then after the happiness settled in, the shock started. What in the world are we going to do with a little girl in this house? A house of stick, slugs, and slime? Oh, this is going to turn our home upside down.

But we're excited and so are the boys. Now we are having the hardest time thinking of names. But the list is forming.

Awaiting baby XX, October 3rd, 2013.