Thursday, April 25, 2013

Amy and Joe

Amy and Joe came to visit us! Our boys adopted them as their new choice as parents, I think.

We had so much fun gallivanting around San Francisco. We hit the California Academy of Sciences, a restaurant or two (what a treat!) and even got to go to church with them.

Love this family!

Please come again :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Day off for the Gibbons

We are the coolest parents EVER. We let the boys play hooky from school!  It was my grandma's birthday, so we thought we'd celebrate it in style, without her (hey, she was invited).

We started off the day by going to IHOP. My kids think that IHOP is the nearest thing to heaven. What a treat! They were very well-behaved. Win#1

Then, we went to the theater and saw "The Croods" in 3d. We had the whole place to ourselves, because who goes to see a kids movie at 11 am on a Wednesday? Great for us, Rand had a blast running up and down.

We came home for piano lessons and then headed back out to hit the beach. We stopped at our dear Pacifica Taco Bell on the way to Montara Beach in Half Moon Bay. Walking out on the empty beach, we noticed a dead seal, huge, bloated and stinky. Gross. Then we noticed a little baby seal crying on the beach and my heart sank. I know about mother nature, blah blah blah, but whatever, it's still sad seeing the poor thing suffer. I took pictures and moved on. Rand LOVES the beach and ran up and down and up and down, played in the sand and tried to keep up with his brothers. Later on, a man showed up and said that he got a call about a seal pup. We said we'd seen it and told him where, but the pup was gone. After a few minutes, the seal came back up on shore and we got to help rescue him!! It was so cool!  He was taken to the Marine Mammal Center where he will hopefully grow up strong and be released back into the wild. They informed us that the seal was NOT his mama and that he was a Guadalupe Fur seal, very rare to find in this part of California because they are usually hundreds of miles north of here. He is still alive and we can check on him here. He is currently the only one of his kind at the center, we can go visit him and got to name him. Nick named him, "inu" which means dog in Japanese.

What a great day!