Monday, September 24, 2012

Rand's new toy

our little boy is a week shy of turning 7 months old and he loves his pewi. where did our baby go? there he goes!
Rand rockin' his Pewi from Emily Gibbons on Vimeo.

we actually left california!!

well, it was only for a few days. mom, dad and baby had the opportunity to visit the pacific northwest last week. we packed up baby and flew to seattle. dad got a little taste of pediatric dentistry while mom and baby just kinda goofed off. here's a little taste..... sorry, the photos are in no particular order, but you get the point.

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a bit reminiscent

ever since returning to the bay area, i've been wanting to do the drive down the 101. the one we used to do when i was a kid. we'd drive down to the san juan bautista mission, get some french bread from the bakery and just rip it off and eat it hot. the trip wouldn't be complete without a jaunt over to the gizdich ranch where ollalieberry pie is my favorite thing in the world and a fresh pressed apple slushy just hits the spot on an indian summer day. 2 grandma's came along and we added a few more stops to the itinerary including a stop at corralitos market and sausage company, where the line was long, but the sausage divine. and of course anytime we drive past moon's kitchen there is almost no choice, you just have to stop.  i'm not sure everyone appreciated all the time spent in the car, or the numerous stops to change diapers and silence an unhappy baby, but i know that this mom is glad we did it! what a fun day!  :) 

all photos from mission san juan bautista.

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