Monday, August 27, 2012

alone with my thoughts

i know what you're really thinking. is she really alone? and you'd be right. I have 4 boys within 5 feet of me at the moment, but while i was alone in san diego, as well as a few moments everyday while 1-3 are at school,  i think about them, think about what they need and wonder who they'll become.

i think about cooper. cooper is dependable and always willing to help with the baby (just like his dad :) i love that he loves to read, maybe even more than his mom ::gasp:: i hope that his co-dependency doesn't hold him back. but, he'll make a superb husband and dad someday.


i think about sean and his sharp mind. he knows the most random facts. he's charming and reads the dictionary at night. he's comfortable with himself and embraces his inner-nerd. i just hope he learns to trust people and learn from the mistakes of others. not there yet.... not even close...


i think about mason. he's a little displaced with the birth of rand. he is goofy, loves water in many forms, the ocean, swimming, drinking water and water fights. i also might mention that he lost a tooth today. mason, i feel is still trying to find his niche. hopefully we can steer him the right way :)


and i think about rand. he's so eager to grow up and play with the big boys. his eyes tell me that he's eager to learn and grow in his new body. i think he'll be an olympian at the rate he's going. not quite 6 months and already crawling like he's headed for candy and pulling himself to stand!! no joke, pictures coming. crazy baby!


flip flop mama said...

You have some good looking boys there and they are lucky to have you as a mom!

Sue Murri said...

great pictures and insights of your boys! You are a wonderful mom and it shows!