Thursday, August 23, 2012

a little peace of quiet

so yes, it's quiet around here. Rand is constantly scanning the rooms looking for his brothers. his misses them. mom worries about them. mom wonders sometimes if she does enough to protect them and give them enough tools to make good decisions.

before they went back to school, we had a "end of summer bash."

we burned the summer workbooks (don't worry, we had a little chat beforehand about how we don't normally burn books and fire safety) but I think mom was happier to see those books burn more than they were.... we wont be doing THOSE again! what a pain. home school is NOT for us.
we smoked up some kabobs.
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we had banana splits.
mentos and diet coke fun!
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Rand tried peas and gagged so much that he puked them up
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such a fun day! let the scheduled, organized and learning times begin!

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