Saturday, June 30, 2012

we've been parents for a decade

he wanted ihop.

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and an itouch (with minecraft app)

and mom's culinary skills were wasted on this beauty (strawberry cake, cookie dough ice cream, chocolate frosting   hmmmmmm?)


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

wandering around the house at bedtime

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sean and mason's list of clubs to start over summer break

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and the cat is really excited about it all.

Born to plank?

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On the verge of fall

i was going to say "on the verge of summer" but here on the coast, summer and fall are reversed. summer is foggy and cool. fall is hot and sunny. so there you have it. we're on the verge of fall. the boys are oh-so-excited for their break from school.

plans? almost none. i bought them some summer bridge workbooks so that their brains don't turn to mush. we joined kidsbowlfree. and that's the extent. i'm hoping to squeeze in some local stuff like berry picking, boogie boarding, video game playing. yes, i did just say that :P.

i love summer vacation. i love the freedom and pure spontaneity that can be indulged upon.

however, i can make zero promises on blogging because my creativity has reached an all time low. so i've decided that this summer i'm going to blog instagram-style. snippets of our every-day occurrences as seen from the camera. maybe if you're really lucky you'll get a few words here an there  ;)

happy summer everyone!