Tuesday, May 22, 2012

since boys dont have mute buttons

My thoughts and actions this morning prompted some deep thinking. It started with our daily routine of getting to school and myself, mom, wishing that our nearly perfect SUV had one additional feature. Why don't they make SUVs or minivans with a soundproof partition, like the ones they have in limousines or police vehicles? I thought I was onto something, came home and promptly Googled it (just out of curiosity, mind you). And of course you can find anything on the internet, so I found a site that sells these partitions. No, it wasn't www.keepmomsane.com it was www.fleetsafety.com. Hmmmm, I guess I'm the only one who thinks it's a good idea to be able to just shut the kids off. And I suppose I did it yesterday while I sneaked into my bedroom with some Tostito rounds and fresh homemade salsa only to play a game on my kindle, buying a few minutes of much-needed sanity. I find myself in the land of four sons and obviously they cant all have mom at the same time. I have Rand all day. He doesn't nap very well so by the time the older boys come home from school, the house is still a mess and I'm already a little drained. Then they need me. Help with homework, snacks and fights all handled with a baby in my other arm. Getting dinner on the table has been quite the challenge. (The boys keep telling me to have another baby so our friends will bring us meals again, lol) Anyway, after it all, Nick comes home and helps, the kids are finally in bed and I should go to bed too, but I never do. BIG mistake. I want this time. Time for myself and downtime with my hubby. Is it too much to ask to have a little alone time while I'm playing chauffeur? A partition that I could open to talk to them, but close it while they're being insanely loud and crazy?

Moral if this story: I'm sleep deprived and feeling a little guilty this morning. I know I'm not the only one that has guilty mom thoughts. And today I'm admitting it.

 ::gratuitous baby photos::


Becky said...

Adorable pictures...Rand is such a cutie!

That partition idea is GENIUS!

You're amazing! You still cook dinner and help the boys with their homework!?! Amazing. Don't be discouraged and don't feel bad. Probably not accomplishing everything you want/need to, but you're doing great.

you know the pirate's code?

Take what you can get and give nothing back.

well, the mom's code seems to be the opposite:

You give everything so take what you can get.

...seriously, take what you can get. ;-)

Joni and John said...

I have this same problem. That time is so precious and fleeting. But then I wake up and am more than a little tired and impatient (ok mean and lazy) all day. I tell myself I will absolutely get in bed and fall asleep by ten- but I seem to get my second wind then- keeping the vicious cycle alive.

Oh and Rand is adorable.