Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stormy Tuesday!

the wind howled all night long! it's crazy windy and rainy today. i wont complain. i love the rain and we need it desperately.

report cards came home today. all three kids are doing well. which is surprising to me considering all the changes this year. changing schools and a new baby. the boys are holding up well. cooper even made the honor roll! we're so proud of him!

exactly 2 weeks ago. i was downing some KFC to try and put myself into more active labor. i was slightly successful although i wouldn't recommend this method. tomorrow our little guy will be 2 weeks old. i just cant get enough of his little newborn wiggles and facial expressions. he's truly a joy.

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JulieZ said...

Emily he is so precious! I know you already are but soak it all up, such an amazing stage......I now want another one..now:-)