Saturday, March 3, 2012

the reason my blog needs a new name

It was about 6 something a.m. I was relishing in the 2 hours of sleep I got, feeling renewed. It was quiet and the sun was starting to rise over the bay. I stared out my window, watching the sun come up as the rays gradually came into the room and I'm full of thankfulness, full of blessings and full of love for my life. I looked over at my sleeping husband, loving everything about him and then my eyes fell upon the new life next to me. Can it get much better? A few days before.....

Monday 2/27:  Doctor's visit. I'm dilated to 3cm and very "ripe." The doctors way of saying, "your cervix is like butter and will melt any second." She starts talking induction since my uterus was measuring 42 weeks. I say, "how about if he doesn't come by Wednesday, we can induce?" She basically says "sure, but I doubt you'll make it 'til then."

Tuesday 2/28: I try to take it easy and get some last minute stuff done. Some friends of mine were telling me about a natural induction method involving KFC. Hubby offers to go and get some of the greasy-dipped chicken and I oblige, mostly because it means that I don't have to cook dinner, again. I only ate one drumstick and instantly felt sick! Long story short I was up all night with intestinal "issues," major nausea, and contractions about every 4-6 minutes.

Wednesday 2/29: Wearily, with practically no sleep at all, I call the hospital. Apparently the major storm didn't bring them much business, so they told me to "come on in!" We pack up the car and head out, leaving the boys with my mom for the next few days.

7:45 am Arrive at hospital and begin getting settled. Our nurse is sweet and she tells me that she works until 3:30 so I have to have my baby before then. I assure her that I will and it will be worth it because we make totally cute babies.
9:15 am In bed, hooked up to IV (nurse blew the first vein, so had to get IV'd twice, bleck!) Nurse checks my cervix, I'm dilated to 5cm. Monitors show that I'm contracting regularly about every 3-4 minutes (I can't even feel these regular contractions, but nurse said even if I hadn't come in to be induced they wouldn't send me away at this point and I would be having a baby today anyway) They decide to hold off on the pitocin because I tend to go quickly. We wait to get the epidural first before we start on the pitocin.
11:00 am Anesthesiologist is finally available and comes in to give me the epidural. She sticks me and it hurts. I hate this part. Just hate it. Nurse checks me and I'm dilated to 6cm.
11:15 am Pitocin is started
11:45 am We all realize the epidural is not working. AT ALL. I pray, really hard, for a fix.
12:00 pm Anesthesiologist returns and removes epidural and puts a new one in. This one I hardly feel at all and my legs begin to go numb just about the time the contractions start getting painful... perfect timing!
12-2:45 pm The pitocin basically DOESN'T work. They keep upping it, but my contractions basically stop completely (this is so parallel to who I am. I'll do something on my own, but if you tell me to do it, I suddenly don't want to.)
2:45 pm ish Nurse finally CRANKS up my pitocin for the 4th time. I watch the monitor as contractions go from 4 minutes, to 2 minutes, to 1 minutes in less than 15 minutes.
3:00 pm the nurse comes in to change my iv bag and I ask, "when are you going to check me next?" (ie check my cervix) She says, "not until you're feeling more pressure down there." I reply, "well, I don't feel pressure, but I feel like somethings falling out." She checks me and says, "You're ready!" And leaves to go get the doctor (who was knitting happily outside waiting for me to be ready).
3:10 pm ish The pain hits. Seriously? NOW is not the time for the epidural to wear off! HOLY pressure and pain, I want to push so bad but know that with my history this is a bad idea.
3:15 pm There are two nurses prepping the room and my nurse decides to hang out for the main event. She said, "you claimed you have cute babies, I need to be sure." I'm seriously getting mad at my doctor! I'm ready and in pain and with every contraction it gets worse. I want to push! Get your butt in here! She finally walks in.... and begins getting sterile... and doing a bunch of other stuff that I swear is totally pointless. She sits down in the receiver position and tells me with the next contraction I can push. Well shoot, wouldn't you know it, but my contractions kinda stop again.
3:25 pm I feel a major contraction and push (really hard! I want this kid O.U.T. out!) His head pops out and I hear the doctor say, "wow, we have a double. Make that a triple." (I had no idea what this meant until I asked the nurse and she tells me that he had the cord wrapped around his neck THREE times! Not only that but it's the longest cord she's ever seen. (I think it's all the chocolate I ate) (She tells me later that she is amazed that his heart rate wasn't affected by this. Usually the baby's heart rate will drop drastically with each contraction. The cord around the neck is dangerous and can result in emergency C sections and even death! SCARY!  How blessed we are that nothing bad happened... he must be special :)
3:30 pm with the next contraction, I give a little push and feel his little body slip out. Okay, it was painful and all. But this was my first time actually feeling the baby slide out and I thankful for the experience. They place his slimy little body on me as they clean him off. I notice how adorable his is, fresh from heaven. 8 pounds, 5 ounces, 20 inches.

My nurse says, "well normally I tell people congratulations, but this really is the cutest baby I've seen in a long time. You were right, you make cute babies!" Over the next day we had random nurses coming in the room to check out "the cutest baby in room 24 that everyone in the halls is chatting about."

About his name: Rand Morgan Gibbons. When I was about 3-4 months along and starting to think about names, I liked the name Rand. Yes, I have read the Wheel of Time series (well I think I made it to book 5) about 6 or so years ago and liked the name then too. Nick has recently reread the series and I think this is why he didn't like the name as much as I did. I'm not a huge fan of Randy, Randall, Randolph, etc... But I just like Rand. It's masculine, a little different, but simple. I just liked it. It's German and means "shield." I have a lot of German blood from my mom's side and both Nick and I have a ton of Welsh blood. Morgan is my maiden name as well as a strong Welsh name. However, I didn't want to use Morgan as a first name because it's just to close to Mason... Many of you know, we had a hard time coming up with his name. We had tentatively decided on Rand Morgan but were a little unsure. Then as I woke up on Friday morning as was thinking about his name, a few thoughts went through my head and I just felt better about the name that we'd picked.

Rand was born on Leap Day!!! He also was born in the year of the Dragon (once again, the parallel to being named after The Wheel of Time's Rand al'Thor, who is the "Dragon reborn" is purely coincidental, but kinda cool as well ;)

Nick still wanted Meuric Thomas so don't be surprised if we have a 5th boy with that name. (no one better steal that name or you'll have to deal with Nick! :)

A little about Rand: Rand is amazing. He has the amazing new baby smell. He's soft and cuddly. He loves his mommy more than anything. He hates to have his diapers/clothes changed. He's peed on himself twice. He loves the pacifier (NONE of my other kids would take one, so this is new territory for me). He loves to be swaddled and sleeps like a rock if he's bundled up tight (like I'm talking 4-5 hours! I know that this could change :( )  Rand is patient and mellow. When he wakes up, he opens his eyes and looks around for about 10 minutes or so before he starts squirming. It takes him a while to work his way up to crying. He instantly stops crying when you pick him up and is just happy to stare at you.

As you can see we have ourselves a little miracle. I realize how spoiled I am. I know people go through much more pain and suffering and receive much less than I have.

I'll post pictures soon. Until then..... you'll just have to suffer from lack of cuteness. Okay, maybe just one....


Anonymous said...

Voice from the past! This is me MamaLis/ Brad's Mom! You are right he is beautiful! Phil is on facebook but I look under him, (well not really under him !!! ... but go on under his name !:-D) so I don't read much but I always check out what you are up to. You have more enery than almost everyone I think and the fun things you do with your boys sound wonderful. You are so positive and with a strong testimony! Rand, what a blessed little boy to join your family. Melissa

Sandy said...

Congratulations Gibbons family. So happy to hear to talking about another one so soon.

flip flop mama said...

Hooray! I love reading birth stories.

Julie J. said...

I love reading birth stories too.
I think you should name the blog my 4 Gibbons guys or 5 Guys and a girl. Or Five Gibbons and a Girl... I don't know, something like that.