Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tear-Me-Up Flicks

I hardly ever watch the television during the day. A few weeks ago, with a need to put my feet up, I watched, "A Shine of Rainbows" on Netflix having no clue what I was getting into. It looked like a happy little feel good movie... and yes, whether or not it was pregnancy hormones I ended up sobbing like a toddler.

So I got to thinking last night about movies that make us cry. I remembered the very first time I cried in a movie. It was back when you went and rented a VCR (they were too expensive to buy at the time) and brought home a few videos as well. My parents had rented Lassie Come Home. I think I was 5, maybe 6 and I asked my dad, "is it okay if I cry?" He said yes and the wells opened up and I sobbed. And remember Old Yeller or Where the Red Fern Grows and Bambi? I like to calls these classic crazy crier movies.

Why do we secretly enjoy them? I don't know why, but I like a little emotion. I'll never understand the draw to horror movies, the trailers alone give me nightmares....

I've compiled a small list of my all-time cry movies. I'm SURE I'm forgetting a few or maybe a hundred, but these came to my mind first.

The Whale Rider - SOBBED in the movie theater. I tried to control my hiccuping until I heard people around me doing the same thing, then I didn't feel so bad.

The Color Purple - I don't even have to see the whole movie. Just watching the last few minutes makes me all weepy! What a phenomenal story.

I am David - If you haven't seen this, you must! It's a nice clean movie with a sweet story. I've seen it like 5 times and I cry EVERY time.

Taking Chance - Patriotic? Must see!! This is one of those movies that I cry from beginning to end. Watching the trailer even gets me a little choked up.

Life is Beautiful - Not only did I meet my husband while this movie played, but it's a doosy for bringing on the tears.

The Pursuit of Happyness - OMG, the scene in the bathroom.... TEARS!!

The Notebook -  or any story by Nicholas Sparks for that matter.... holy freak the ending in this movie wrenches my gut! Nicholas, I'm not sure it's fair to make things that sappy, but us girls sure do like it!

Honorable Mentions go to:

Meet Joe Black - I know a lot of people didn't like this movie, but I thought it was AMAZING! Love it! Depending on my mood, I either cry like nuts or don't really care.... love Anthony Hopkins character.

Up - I just have to address the fact that the opening love story gets to me every time!

August Rush - Who doesn't love a sappy love story ending? Totally sweet and a must-see.

The Other Side of Heaven - I think this appeals to me because I've been there. I remember the sadness the day I left the mission field and totally lose it when I hear the Tongan people sing, "God be with you 'til we meet again."

My Girl - Is it even fair to make a movie this sad? I don't think so.

Titanic - I think it made me cry the first time (or two, or three) but not anymore. I think maybe it's that I cant take Leonardo DiCaprio seriously?

Did I miss any??

Steel Magnolias - Sally Field's amazing performance when her daughter dies... seriously gut-wrenching. (Thanks Buffy!)


Buffy said...

Um, you missed Steele Magnolias! I mean seriously! "Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion." I can't help myself, I just LOVE that movie!!

The Wells said...

I got teary just reading your post and remembering those scenes. But I also cry everytime I walk under the train bridge into Disneyland. EVERYTIME, even when we have been there a few days already.

flip flop mama said...

Oh so many movies make me cry. Most recently it's the end of Tangled. I know, how lame am I?!

Becky said...

Great list! I haven't seen some of those. Sounds like I need too!

Julie J. said...

I'm totally going to have a cry fest soon and watch some of these that I haven't seen before. Two of mine are Juno- because I can totally identify with being pregnant and not ready and even more with the desperation of wanting a baby.
And Finding Neverland- so sad.