Wednesday, February 22, 2012

11 things about me


I got tagged by my red headed friend who calls herself the Orange Oracle. And she's right, I need something to take my mind off the fact that I'll be giving birth to a toddler someday. I'm going to gear this to my life as of THIS MONTH, that way it will update everyone and give you a more entertaining format.

1.  After lots of labor signs (cramping, nausea, contractions, etc) I went to the doctor today only to discover that there is NOTHING going on "down there." Nothing. Baby X is sitting so high up (no wonder I still cant breathe) and is measuring a week overdue (even though I'm 39 weeks). He thinks my uterus is super comfy and roomy and since he's got vanilla coke on tap in there, why would he want to come out and suffer from withdrawal symptoms? Maybe he'll actually come on his due date. No problem here. I wont mind having a kid that only has a birthday every 4 years.

2. Baby still doesn't have a name. Don't even ask. We have lists. Lots of lists.

3. I cried while playing "Families Can Be Together Forever" today on the piano. Seriously, my family is the best. Is it bad to have family pride? Because my kids are awesome and I hit the husband lottery!

4.  I should start writing apology notes to everyone that I've offended in the past 9 months. Pregnancy makes me confrontational, grumpy, complainy (yes it's a word, I just made it up) and loosed lipped. So if I've overstepped myself with you.... I apologize.

5.  I'm in love with my baker's edge brownie pan.

6.  I'm also currently in love with body pillows.

7.  Sometimes I think I'm crazy for having another baby. And other times, I KNOW I'm crazy. I know I have motherly complaints a lot. But I mainly complain for the sake of conversation. I should be more tight-lipped and instead express how much I love being a mom. My walls may be stained with crayons and the carpets littered with nerf darts. But the same walls witness daily acts of love and miracle and the dirt in the carpets carry the residue of our adventures together.

8.  I'm not very good at showing my gratitude and love for other people. But I feel it so strongly and deeply. I wish my skills were more refined in showing others the positive feelings I have. It seems only the negative feelings make it to the surface.

9.  I love living here. Most of you know this. I'm constantly going to the beach and talking about the weather. It's because after being tortured for 10 years in Utah with it's extreme cold and extreme heat, I'm finally in my happy place. What a MAJOR difference! I mean it's really true what they say, "you can take this girl out of California, but you cant take California out of this girl!" I was born for sunshine.

10.  I used to be anti-cold cereal. IMO it's a complete waste of money. It's basically dessert. You eat it because it's yummy and you're hungry an hour later and dont even get me started on how over-priced it is. Well, I've totally reverted to laziness. For the past 9 months, I cant get enough of the stuff. A few days ago for dinner I had vanilla yogurt with Cracklin Oat Bran and fresh strawberries. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven it was so good. The kids are loving my pro-cereal phase and hoping it continues after pregnancy. We'll see about that..... Although lately all they'll eat is oatmeal. I guess the newness of the cold cereal is wearing off. It's so yummy. Like really really yummy.

11.  This February is the month of scouting. I'm currently the Wolf den leader.... (although currently on maternity hiatus) 3 and maybe 4 saturdays this month had some sort of scouting "thing." Plus it's the blue and gold dinner next week (the night before my due date) and the boys are supposed to bake a scout-themed cake for a contest... LOL yeah right!!? This fat mama is not going to be baking and decorating two cakes on Monday Night... like NO WAY. Ya know, once again, an assignment not for the kids but for the parents.


1. What is the best (or your favorite) book you have ever read and why?
-#1 of course it's the Book of Mormon.... I read a ton as most of you know, and there is no feeling that rivals the powerful, positive, peaceful feeling I get while reading that book. It's like coming home every night.
-#2 Okay, I'll be completely honest even though I'm going to get major flack, but I loved the Twilight series. Now the fact that my college major was Literature and Writing studies, I probably should pick something a little "deeper" that touched my soul with it's poetry, prose and perfect characterization.... but in all honesty I like to be entertained and all my mental girly parts tickled.... so if you didn't like it, OH WELL! I loved them!!!  I'll just leave it at that.
2. What is your favorite meal to cook?
-constantly changing. I love to make what makes others happy. Ribs for my hubby, or prime rib on Christmas or anything with homemade bread to top it all off. I love to bake bread, rolls and sweet things. Cinnamon or orange rolls is a meal, right?
 If you could have lived in any other era which would it have been?
-I think I would have liked to have been born just a few years later than I was. No thanks to anything earlier.... I LOVE modern conveniences.
Who have you been told you look like? 
 -back when i was thinner and younger people used to tell me that I looked like Gillian Anderson (the chick from the X files), right now I'm more like a self-proclaimed Jabba the Hut.
5. Favorite TV Show?
-constantly changing. Currently I love Swamp People, I walk around the house singing like Troy Landry and my hubby and cant help but talk like him sometimes.... Favorite show of all time? Maybe 24 or Burn Notice, Gilmore Girls or Sledge Hammer... Heck I dunno!
6. What brings you inner peace?
-knowing that i'm on the right track spiritually. attending church and knowing my family is on track as well.
Tell me something you're good at.  C'mon, brag!
-I rock at sleeping! I honestly feel like I can do a lot of things, but I'm not really talented in any one area.
Ever chopped your hair super short?  Pictures?
-I'll see if I can find a 6th grade picture.... be afraid, be very afraid.
What is included in your vision of "The Perfect Day?
-a healthier skinny me, the ocean, the husband, cuddling, chocolate, lots of pillows, a cool breeze.... no worries.
What piece of furniture in your house is your favorite or that you are most happy with? (picture?)
-my bed. refer to question #7
11.  If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go, who would go with you and how long would you like to stay?
- this is difficult because it's hard to say where I would want to go when I haven't really been anywhere! I would probably like a 10 day all-inclusive trip with my hubby. I want to swim in waterfalls and canoe by sunset.  I want a hot tub in my bedbug-free hotel room with a king size bed with lots of feathers. I want to wake up to a massage and hike on amazing trails in the afternoon.... At night, I want to sit outside with white lights everywhere, but the bugs aren't attracted to them and talk about life. I want to smell flowers all day and feel the ocean breeze at night, where is this place? you tell me! 

I'm not tagging anyone. Not because I don't want to, but because I'm too lazy and this post has taken long enough. It's February 22nd and it's supposed to be 69 degrees, sunny and perfect. It's almost time for a new member of the Gibbons family to make his grand entrance. It's almost time for a new blog name. It's almost time for a more diligent work out routine for this family. It's time to pick another baby boy name. It's time for Nick to be a little busier with church (he's the new EQP) and at school he starts working on real patients here in the next few months. Lots of changes. Welcoming all of them with a smile.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tear-Me-Up Flicks

I hardly ever watch the television during the day. A few weeks ago, with a need to put my feet up, I watched, "A Shine of Rainbows" on Netflix having no clue what I was getting into. It looked like a happy little feel good movie... and yes, whether or not it was pregnancy hormones I ended up sobbing like a toddler.

So I got to thinking last night about movies that make us cry. I remembered the very first time I cried in a movie. It was back when you went and rented a VCR (they were too expensive to buy at the time) and brought home a few videos as well. My parents had rented Lassie Come Home. I think I was 5, maybe 6 and I asked my dad, "is it okay if I cry?" He said yes and the wells opened up and I sobbed. And remember Old Yeller or Where the Red Fern Grows and Bambi? I like to calls these classic crazy crier movies.

Why do we secretly enjoy them? I don't know why, but I like a little emotion. I'll never understand the draw to horror movies, the trailers alone give me nightmares....

I've compiled a small list of my all-time cry movies. I'm SURE I'm forgetting a few or maybe a hundred, but these came to my mind first.

The Whale Rider - SOBBED in the movie theater. I tried to control my hiccuping until I heard people around me doing the same thing, then I didn't feel so bad.

The Color Purple - I don't even have to see the whole movie. Just watching the last few minutes makes me all weepy! What a phenomenal story.

I am David - If you haven't seen this, you must! It's a nice clean movie with a sweet story. I've seen it like 5 times and I cry EVERY time.

Taking Chance - Patriotic? Must see!! This is one of those movies that I cry from beginning to end. Watching the trailer even gets me a little choked up.

Life is Beautiful - Not only did I meet my husband while this movie played, but it's a doosy for bringing on the tears.

The Pursuit of Happyness - OMG, the scene in the bathroom.... TEARS!!

The Notebook -  or any story by Nicholas Sparks for that matter.... holy freak the ending in this movie wrenches my gut! Nicholas, I'm not sure it's fair to make things that sappy, but us girls sure do like it!

Honorable Mentions go to:

Meet Joe Black - I know a lot of people didn't like this movie, but I thought it was AMAZING! Love it! Depending on my mood, I either cry like nuts or don't really care.... love Anthony Hopkins character.

Up - I just have to address the fact that the opening love story gets to me every time!

August Rush - Who doesn't love a sappy love story ending? Totally sweet and a must-see.

The Other Side of Heaven - I think this appeals to me because I've been there. I remember the sadness the day I left the mission field and totally lose it when I hear the Tongan people sing, "God be with you 'til we meet again."

My Girl - Is it even fair to make a movie this sad? I don't think so.

Titanic - I think it made me cry the first time (or two, or three) but not anymore. I think maybe it's that I cant take Leonardo DiCaprio seriously?

Did I miss any??

Steel Magnolias - Sally Field's amazing performance when her daughter dies... seriously gut-wrenching. (Thanks Buffy!)