Friday, January 6, 2012

Big waves and an outing with Mace

Mace and I went to catch a view of the "high surf advisory" waves. The waves were nice and big and I broke out the camera for a few shots.... It's difficult to get good shots of waves without a killer zoom lens (which I lack) so mostly these are just some scenic shots that I toyed around with while lugging my huge stomach over the rocks to get certain angles. As you can see, I had more fun editing them in weird ways when I got home.

We love Pacifica!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Wrap-Up

Okay, so I said I'd do a wrap up of 2011, ya know, since I never did a family letter/Christmas card. So here's my feeble and rushed attempt.

Son #3 is loving Kindergarten. He's excelling quickly and surprising mom and dad with a long attention span and very good behavior. Seriously, who knew he had it in him? At home, he NEVER sits still, cant hug, cuddle or watch TV without wiggling his entire body incessantly. I think it's time for him to be back in swimming! He loves Mr. Bean and Lego video games. After years of claiming that he's NOT A BABY, he has decided that he's a baby again, complete with baby talk and a never-ending need for attention. (yes it all started when he found out another baby was coming into the family)

Son #2 is in 2nd grade at a school separate from his brothers. He has become a voracious reader, gobbling down entire chapter books in one night and waking in the morning eager to tell you all about the book. He still is full of curiosity and is addicted to anything scientific, gross or weird. He is adept at doing what he's asked quickly and never complains. He's a super good helper and a peace maker among his brothers.

Son #1 is eagerly growing up and has landed in the 4th grade. He enjoys typical boy stuff: riding bikes and scooters, running and playing in the woods. He is responsible and dependable. He is excelling in scouts quickly and just started Webelos! He's in his 3rd year of piano and we're so proud of his diligence. On the verge of the "tween" years, we can see little changes starting to take place and we enter a different era of parenting with him.

Mom has enjoyed her first year of not having a job outside the home! Thus leaving more time for her hobbies of baking, cooking, photography and cleaning. Currently, she's gearing up for Boy #4 by getting lots of sleep and preparing the house for him. She's been busy with a calling in Scouts and will probably never leave.... what with 4 boys and all.

Dad is plugging away at Dental school. He's half way through his second year and doing very well, especially at the hands-on stuff. The Doctors are always impressed by his work and attention to detail. He's going to be an amazing and honest dentist! He's doing a wonderful job at leading family scripture study every night (we've been doing it for a year and a half strong! Go dad!) He still loves watching sports and trips to the beach.

As a family, we are loving living near the ocean in the mild climate. It's also nice being near Mom's family and childhood friends. The year 2011 was not lacking in sadness; mom lost a baby in February, mom's uncle committed suicide in May, then a few month later mom's grandma was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, followed by many small scares with the current pregnancy. With all of these things looming we come out of it renewed in our faith that we will see our loved ones again. We are at peace knowing that we have living truth in our lives and amidst it all we are a happy family. How wonderful the Christmas season was! I think this time of year is magical because it's when we gather as families and remember the most important birth that ever occurred. We hope the New Year rings in many blessings.

If you're looking for a little something more in your life, visit  to request a free Book of Mormon or have missionaries come visit you. (my kids really like to watch the "i'm a mormon" videos. :)

Love to all!!!

The Gibbons