Saturday, December 29, 2012

Washin' away 2012

Sometimes, my phone gives me these little severe weather alerts.... Today, it looked like this.

So we headed to the beach to check things out.

And the boys got a little (or a lot) wet.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas with a twist

Ever notice that there is a phenomenon going on? People seem to be under the impression that something is going to happen, something that is bigger than us all, something catastrophic, something scary. well, we kind of think that too. mostly because we have been told (in the Bible, etc...) that things are going to get bad, really bad, before the return of the Savior. There are some who have hopes of world peace, but i know that Satan is not going anywhere, not until Christ comes again. Which is probably why our prophets have told us to "be prepared," both spiritually and physically. So this year for Christmas we combined prepping and Christmas shopping and at the turn of the year we are going to set goals as a family to get us more prepared spiritually... but as for now, let's visit what was under the tree.....

Everything is self-explanatory except for a few things perhaps? Potassium Iodide is use to protect your thyroid (the first and weakest organ to be attacked) from radiation exposure in case of a nuclear event. The 2 older boys and parents have walkie talkies that charge on a usb device. mom and dad both have usb solar chargers. Charcoal has LOTS of uses. You can use it to up the effectiveness of your facemask. The "food for a week" is actually a coconut high calorie bar for survival needs.

These will be our "bug-out" bags for the kids to grab. We still need to add some items like water, clothing, documents, games, etc...) But we figured that this would be a good start. Of course Nick and I will have a few extras like the good water filters, weapons and heavy stuff. If you're interested in making your own 72 hour kit or bug-out bag, you can check my previous post.

I was worried that the boys would be disappointed in their Christmas, but they were totally excited and kept saying, "this is so cool!!" I cant believe that their favorite gift was the lighter, even though they are going to stay in the kits. We showed them how to use them, supervised, and they had sore thumbs today. They are now put away for safe keeping. They also got a few normal presents which they totally LOVED.

It was a good day :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's over and momma is tired!

Last minutes costume fixes.

School parades and parties.

Church trunk-or-treat.

Treat making marathon.

Pumpkins and candy overload.

Seriously, Halloween just may be messier than Christmas. But, Christmas is worth it.

Oh well, it's over and I'm not cleaning anything until tomorrow.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Rand 7 months

He's been 7 months old for a week now, but I really needed some updated photos. So that's what we did on this sunny conference saturday.....

Monday, October 1, 2012

SEVERE weather!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugi just love these severe weather alerts. they have to warn us that it might get over 80 degrees. i suppose us coastal folk need to be reminded that when it gets warm, we don't leave pets or kids in the car, and that we need to drink plenty of fluids. we started off an indian summer day today and it did bounce a little above 80. the boys came home from school wanting to hit the beach. a year ago, i would have obliged. but now with a baby in tow, i just cant do 3 water happy kids and an infant by myself. so i pacified them by letting them wash the car in their swim trunks.  this is what we like to call a WIN WIN!!

and rand was happy to watch from his walker on the front lawn.

thanks for the clean car boys!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Rand's new toy

our little boy is a week shy of turning 7 months old and he loves his pewi. where did our baby go? there he goes!
Rand rockin' his Pewi from Emily Gibbons on Vimeo.

we actually left california!!

well, it was only for a few days. mom, dad and baby had the opportunity to visit the pacific northwest last week. we packed up baby and flew to seattle. dad got a little taste of pediatric dentistry while mom and baby just kinda goofed off. here's a little taste..... sorry, the photos are in no particular order, but you get the point.

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a bit reminiscent

ever since returning to the bay area, i've been wanting to do the drive down the 101. the one we used to do when i was a kid. we'd drive down to the san juan bautista mission, get some french bread from the bakery and just rip it off and eat it hot. the trip wouldn't be complete without a jaunt over to the gizdich ranch where ollalieberry pie is my favorite thing in the world and a fresh pressed apple slushy just hits the spot on an indian summer day. 2 grandma's came along and we added a few more stops to the itinerary including a stop at corralitos market and sausage company, where the line was long, but the sausage divine. and of course anytime we drive past moon's kitchen there is almost no choice, you just have to stop.  i'm not sure everyone appreciated all the time spent in the car, or the numerous stops to change diapers and silence an unhappy baby, but i know that this mom is glad we did it! what a fun day!  :) 

all photos from mission san juan bautista.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

alone with my thoughts

i know what you're really thinking. is she really alone? and you'd be right. I have 4 boys within 5 feet of me at the moment, but while i was alone in san diego, as well as a few moments everyday while 1-3 are at school,  i think about them, think about what they need and wonder who they'll become.

i think about cooper. cooper is dependable and always willing to help with the baby (just like his dad :) i love that he loves to read, maybe even more than his mom ::gasp:: i hope that his co-dependency doesn't hold him back. but, he'll make a superb husband and dad someday.


i think about sean and his sharp mind. he knows the most random facts. he's charming and reads the dictionary at night. he's comfortable with himself and embraces his inner-nerd. i just hope he learns to trust people and learn from the mistakes of others. not there yet.... not even close...


i think about mason. he's a little displaced with the birth of rand. he is goofy, loves water in many forms, the ocean, swimming, drinking water and water fights. i also might mention that he lost a tooth today. mason, i feel is still trying to find his niche. hopefully we can steer him the right way :)


and i think about rand. he's so eager to grow up and play with the big boys. his eyes tell me that he's eager to learn and grow in his new body. i think he'll be an olympian at the rate he's going. not quite 6 months and already crawling like he's headed for candy and pulling himself to stand!! no joke, pictures coming. crazy baby!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

san diego temple trip

thanks Leigh for the excuse to take a mini-vacay! we loved every minute of it... well except for getting rear ended in the cube by some snotty girl from La Jolla.
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a little peace of quiet

so yes, it's quiet around here. Rand is constantly scanning the rooms looking for his brothers. his misses them. mom worries about them. mom wonders sometimes if she does enough to protect them and give them enough tools to make good decisions.

before they went back to school, we had a "end of summer bash."

we burned the summer workbooks (don't worry, we had a little chat beforehand about how we don't normally burn books and fire safety) but I think mom was happier to see those books burn more than they were.... we wont be doing THOSE again! what a pain. home school is NOT for us.
we smoked up some kabobs.
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we had banana splits.
mentos and diet coke fun!
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Rand tried peas and gagged so much that he puked them up
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such a fun day! let the scheduled, organized and learning times begin!