Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sweet Inspirations

I think there is little man that whispers in the ears of novelty food creators. This little man is my friend. While shopping at Target I stumbled across these very cool things.

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I swear, they were created JUST for me! They SCREAM my name. The problem is, they make cool stuff like this and then later down the road, it doesn't sell very well so they stop making it or the store stops stocking it.

Such has been my dismay with two things I miss dearly. The avocado hummus they used to sell at Costco. I would put it on everything from sandwiches to salads to Stacy's simply naked pita chips. And does anyone remember when Costco used to sell polish bagel dogs (it was like 20 years ago)? I'm totally NOT a "dog" person, but those things were killer yummy! Yes, I have made my own but they're not the same. And I still haven't tried to make my own avocado hummus, but I will because I pretty much thought my life was over when it was no longer on their shelf. Oh and I almost forgot about Sweet Baby Ray's Creamy Buffalo Wing Sauce... super delish, and I mourn for it's death, well it's death to me, it's no where near accessible to me at a price I can justify. (I mean, I could pay 14.95 + 10.99 in shipping... who pays that?)

The moral is: don't get too attached because it's not always going to be available. And moral #2: how freakin' spoiled am I? I mean my ancestors were worried about things like bombs dropping on their house and buying shoes for little Billy.... and I guess there will always be something new.  :)


Becky said...

Ha ha! Love this's the truth! I hate it when things I really like disappear! I have never heard of avocado humus but it sounds SO GOOD! My blog post tomorrow is centered on AVOCADOS...basically. I would love to try to make avocado humus....Ooooo! That sounds so good!

That buffalo popcorn seasoning looks/sounds yummy too! (no Target here! argh! I live in no-mans-land!) I'm gonna look for it at Walnast though.

Joni and John said...

I remember the costco polish bagel dogs! I bought them nearly everytime I went there- they were delicious! When I first saw this post I was really worried you were putting the mustard sauce on the marshmallows. I'm glad you aren't:)

Sandy said...

Isn't avocado humus just guacamole with garbanzo beans?