Sunday, October 16, 2011


Sean Age 3

Sean turned the big EIGHT!! He had so much fun! Grandma and Uncle Dan came up and everyone ate dinner. Sean personally selected the menu which consisted of fettuccine alfredo, steamed broccoli, garlic bread and parmesan shrimp. His ice cream cake was vanilla cake with pumpkin ice cream and cream cheese frosting.... I know it sounds gross, but I was pleasantly surprised at how yummy it was!! NO KIDDING... maybe this kid is going to be a gourmet chef?

His favorite gift was this ant farm... what a HUGE hit and great gift idea for anyone looking for an inexpensive awesome gift. He opened it, couldn't even breathe was speechless then turned and asked, "did you get this for me mom?" Mom said, "Yep," and was soon showered with hugs and kisses.... who knew? Ants should be here any day :) He's so excited to fill it with ants he can hardly contain himself.

Sean has decided that he want to be baptized. So we'll be doing that in a few weeks. I'm not a "formal invite" kind of person, so if you're reading this, you're invited :) and can ask me for details.

Happy Birthday Dude. You're growing so fast.

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