Thursday, September 8, 2011

Summer Sum-up

Slip slidin' at Grandma's. I think it's funny that when I was a kid we weren't allowed to use slip n' slides on our lawn because it ruined the lawn... but the grandkids can? What's up with THAT?

My sweet grandma is being plagued with health issues. She goes in tomorrow for surgery to remove a tumor thats invading half of her internal organs. Love you Grandma! You're amazing and strong! (ps. Sean was so excited about the HUGE lemon he found on GGrandma's lemon tree and even more excited when she told him that he could pick AND keep it)

This tooth does NOT want to come out. It's crooked. It shifts and moves around and the adult teeth are coming in and around it. It's crazy. Fall out already!!

So the boys have been in school for a week and dad doesn't go back to school until the end of the month. Mom and Dad have been enjoying the quiet time at home together which mostly consists of watching Pawn Stars and doing housework, I know, so romantic, right?

3 boys in school. 1 more to go and then mom will have a lot more free time to get things ready for the new little one :)


Melissa said...

pawn stars.... levi loooooves that show. i wish i had old stuff to pawn. it would be sweet.

and that snaggletooth is awesome. =))

Anonymous said...

This grandma finds it easier to take care of the boys when they'r busy having fun---------so I let them slip n slide. It also tires them out. We get wiser in our old age. However my lawn does look bad with a big half bare stripe down it. It will recover.