Friday, September 2, 2011

My four sons??

Sorry for the crinkly photo. I suppose it's what happens when you throw the photos in your extremely unorganized purse.

So baby X has had 3 ultrasounds. What a lucky kid. He's only 14 weeks old and already so much attention. So many worries that have turned out to be only another reason to get an ultrasound and see that his little heart is still beating and he's growing perfectly.

2nd ultrasound-The tech was a veteran and showed us the little boys parts, although she said, "I dont tell you the sex unless I'm 100% sure." Well she could only get one view, so she told us that it's probably a boy, but she wasn't too sure. (I saw with my own eyes and it looked like a boy to me!)

3rd ultrasound-Upon our request the tech brushed over the crotch area and we saw what looked like little boy parts again. But I dont think she was allowed to tell us for sure. She just said, "looks like little boys parts to me, but sometimes you can get duped."

So two "pretty sures" is good enough for me. It's another boy!

No, we dont have a name yet and probably wont until little dude pops out. Also, I'm not one of those people that calls my baby by a name before it is actually born. It's just not my style. He'll be called several things like "the bump, the parasite, little dude, kicker, etc."

Stay tuned for leap day baby: Due February 29th :) (we'll see if he makes it. he was measuring 5 days ahead of schedule yesterday.... that's because i'm feeding him so well)


The Wells said...

Miss Kelsey wouldn't mind sharing Feb. 22 as a birthday. If we could guarantee Austin a boy, he would like one.

Garrett said...

Yikes!!! You've got the XY Gibbons curse!!!

Julie J. said...

So exciting!

Joni and John said...

Your are hands down the best "boy mom" I have ever met. Congrats on another sweet miracle ;) I hope the rest of your pregnancy is easy and routine!