Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I've really got nothin' for ya

Seriously. It's not like I dont have the time. It's not like I dont have the energy (I'm feeling really great!). It's simply that I dont have anything creative or fun to blog about. But, it's been such a long time, maybe I should play a little catch-up.

Dad-is back in school! He's had a whopping 3 days of school and after 3.5 months off, it's hurting a bit. He lost his attention span sometime over the summer and longs for home and the beach... sorry babe! We love you and promise to say, "the Master is home" when you walk through the door everyday! :)

Mom-is a little baffled with the quiet home everyday. With 3 kids in school, it's like the mornings are peaceful and serene with time to get things done. Then the afternoon hits and the chaos of dinner, homework and breaking up little boy fights commences. Mom is now 18 weeks pregnant and feeling really great (hope it lasts!).

Boy1-Cooper is doing good in school. He still has that beginning-of-the-school-year motivation and is working hard. He rarely needs help and even helps his younger brothers (when they'll let him) with their homework. He's advancing as a bear in scouts and is usually a good kid. He cant stop talking about his upcoming field trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium where they currently have a great white shark.... hello, little boy heaven or WHAT?

Boy2-Sean has become our little reader. He'll read for hours everyday if we let him. He's currently plowing through the Geronimo Stilton series faster than we can get the books. He turns 8 in a few short weeks and is excited about starting scouts and getting baptized.

Boy3-Mason is uber-excited to be in school. He's in a Kinder/1st grade mixed class. If you know our Mason you will be surprised by a few things we've learned about him since starting school. #1 he's a pleaser, he doesn't have to just do the minimum work and level of behavior, he has to exceed the norm. He isn't happy unless he is praised for his over-the-top efforts. #2 He has an amazing attention span! Who knew? His teacher has commented to me and we've noticed at home that when doing his homework, he's perfectly happy plowing through his 2 week homework packet in one afternoon. He doesn't get distracted.... Yeah, I'm as shocked as you are!

The Cat-She's still cranky and unhappy. But since Twilight is no longer here (she went to a nice home where they aren't allergic to cats) she may be happier? Who knows? We cant really tell between all the hissing and non-purring behavior.

September Happenings
  • We attended the stake temple day at the Oakland Temple. It was CRAZY crowded. When we got there, there was this huge wedding party there taking pictures and I swear it was no temple wedding (what with the Jersey Shore bridesmaid's dresses and party graffiti all over their cars) Why would anyone want to take their wedding photos at the temple if they weren't actually married there? Weird.... Anyway, our primary hosted a primary activity on the temple grounds for those attending the session. I'm not sure they knew what they were in for. The session was HUGE. They had to bring in extra folding chairs to seating everyone. Hence, it took FOREVER and the poor people stuck with all the children... They should be sainted. We were tired. Bay Bridge traffic sucked.
  • But we came home to a BBQ with Nick's dental school friends to watch the UTAH vs. BYU game. We are U fans and everyone else was BYU fans.... Utah destroyed BYU so badly that we began to feel sorry for our friends.
  • September 11th, for FHE that week we talked to the kids about that day. We watched some videos and talked about terrorism and the firefighters and others that helped and lost their lives. It was emotional. Mom balled the whole time (it's so much worse when you're pregnant). The boys were very serious and attentive and I saw some tears in their eyes too. I think they understood. I think that day changed a little something in all of us.
  • We finally got our dishwasher replaced. Missed it SO much. I tried to get back in the hand washing habit that I was in for so many years, but it never took. So happy to have a new working dishwasher. ::sigh::
  • We had a cold go through the house. Mom got it the worst. But it's almost gone. Just a few leftover runny noses to keep the tissue supply depleting.
  • Not only were we sick, but our computer AND dad's laptop have a virus. It's nothing major, just irritating.
  • Mom and Dad saw 2 pretty bad movies: The Adjustment Bureau and Season of the Witch. You can skip them.
  • Mom got to go the The Help, finally. It was good and pretty close to the book!
  • We had a pretty good FHE last night. We sang "I love to see the temple" and talked about our ancestors. We told stories from their lives and made a family tree. We topped it off with a little TopShot competition (with nerf guns, of course)
So our boring September is almost over. Sorry that I have no photos, I haven't had my camera out all month! Well that's not entirely true, yesterday I had the opportunity to do a little shoot with my friend and her family. Such a beautiful family!

And if you made it this far you deserve a treat.... Hooray for Mikan, I mean Grumpy with Lighty Growlin' (Mason's WebKin) You know you love it (um, this is sarcasm, since I know that more than half my friends are cat-haters :p ) ;)

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Julie J. said...

Cat Hater #1 checking in... I don't get the whole pictures at the temple thing either... Although, I've heard of people here in Utah taking wedding pictures at the capital building even though they don't get married there, maybe it's like that. Still.
I couldn't live without a dishwasher. I have the perfect loading strategy for getting the most in possible. And if they I can't fit them all I save them for the next load. Washing by hand would NEVER cross my mind. Our soap dish doesn't open on its own anymore so we figured out when it's supposed to open and now we set the timer each time to open it manually. Desperate!
I love that Mason has surprised you! You have great kids.

Jade said...

Just a tip, we always check out the Web Cams at the Aquarium. My kids could watch this for hours just waiting for the white shark to swim by. We love it.

Go here:

Nathan said...

Cat hater #2 checking in...ha! ;o)

Love this update! Love that you guys promise to say, "the Master is home" when dad gets home. I like that idea!

Doesn't sound like a boring September. Sounds great and I'm glad you wrote about it.

I read The Help and saw the movie...LOVED both also.

You have great boys! Do you know what you are having yet? Did I miss that announcement? Boy Girl?

Nathan said...

ooops! Nathan = Becky. You probably figured that out. Sorry!