Tuesday, July 19, 2011

sanchez adobe

Today we absorbed a bit of local Pacifica history (and passed off some stuff for scouts).

"The Sanchez Adobe was constructed between 1842 and 1846 by Francisco Sanchez, owner of Rancho San Pedro and one-time alcalde of San Francisco. Sanchez was a leader of Mexican California who led volunteers against United States forces at the Battle of Santa Clara.
Sanchez raised cattle for the hide-and-tallow trade. When ships came to California, Sanchez could trade his hides for manufactured items. Known as the “California Dollar,” hides could be made into clothes, shoes, and saddles. Tallow or cow fat was made into soap and candles."

to stay or not to stay?

when we got her, she was pretty dirty and did this to Cooper and Mom

Dad gave her a bath and we'll see how it goes. She's cute, cuddly and a furry purring ball of friskiness.

let the trial period commence.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Rainy Summer Monday

it's hard to be crusty today, even though it's summer, and it's raining.... because mom got the verizon and canon situations all sorted out

::big sigh::

the rain didn't hold us back though. we took the boys to a wildlife refuge in half moon bay today and it was awesome! we got so close to the animals! the boys were in little boy heaven! and Cooper got some stuff passed off for scouts.

so much fun!! thanks to Jen! and Wildlife Associates!

Monday, July 4, 2011

can't be crusty today

how can i be crusty on a holiday? especially a holiday that celebrates the birth of this rockin' country in which we live? so i did a lot today. (for what it's worth, i only cropped a few of these photos, they were fresh off the camera with no editing, so please dont judge ;)

first, we slept in. again.

second, the cousins came over with grandma and her friend and a few dogs.

third, we BBQ'd, i grilled spicy honey chicken, yum!!

fourth, we ate a 'smore ice cream cake! (yes you read correctly, white cake with rocky road ice cream, with a layer of marshmallow covered graham crackers, and topped off with chocolate frosting... SWEET! but good!)

fifth, we walked to the beach. as i was waiting for people to gather shoes and sweatshirts i noticed that my camera has a tilt-shift setting, so of course on our walk i had to experiment, here's a sample of what i got (if you're into photography and dont know what tilt shift is, you can google it, it's kinda lame but was fun to play with for a day)....

this bird isn't really "tilt shift" but i like the way the photo turned out

and the boys spit on some nice little frogs...

sixth, poor mason's hand got slammed in the front door... then he fell on our walk and cut the same hand... it was nasty, he was tough, lots of blood, NOT a good day for him. let's just say he fell asleep the first chance he had.

seventh, we watched Mary Poppins

eighth, we found and accidentally killed what we think was some kind of gopher (i took a photo, but i'll spare you all the details)

ninth, we played with sparklers. well, mom and dad played, the boys used them to burn ants.

tenth, for photo club we had an assignment. i had always wanted to try this and so glad i was nudged a little... these shots aren't really up to standards (now of course, i see where i could have done so much better, but what the heck, i tried!)

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Happy Fourth Everyone!!