Monday, June 27, 2011

fillin' summertime gaps and a crusty monday complaint

summer so far has been great! we've had beautiful weather, spent a few days on the shore and have had a nice relaxing time yesterday and today since a few of us have been plagued with a cold, a cold that steals away your voice.

so today, for lack of anything better to do and since i had a rental lens to play with, i took some shots of the boys. i've been wanting to experiment with the natural light from the skylights in our family room... here is some of what i got... (if you want to see more, click on one of these and it will take you to the gallery)

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and since it's monday, i should be crusty right?

todays crusty:

Why do people (government, schools and others) think they have to control our lives?

  • you cant get a Happy Meal in San Francisco anymore. well, you can still get a Happy Meal, but they took the "Happy" part away. why? because they promote "unhealthy eating." i'm not even kidding about this one. seriously, for the 1 or less Happy Meals my kids get a year, i think that as their parent, i should be the one making this decision, not YOU!
  • mason will be starting kindergarten in the fall. the school is telling the parents (all 80+ of us) that we have to come 15 minutes early everyday to read with our child. yes, that means that 80+ of us have to find a parking spot in an extremely congested street (the school has no lot for parents, only staff) so that you can make sure that our child is getting read to everyday (because they dont think we'll do it at home) plbbbtt! i think it's bogus and i'm going to fight it!
  • at mason's mandatory school check up (at the doctor) they asked me the most irrelevant questions. like, does your child play in the front yard? yes. under constant supervision? constant? he's 5 and i'm no spring chicken with go-go gadget legs! do you have a gun in the home? yes. is it locked in a safe, unloaded? yes. is the ammunition locked in a separate safe? um, what does this have to do with my child attending school? nothing at ALL!
if i think of anymore, there are PLENTY, i'll add them later. i just wish that the schools would teach reading, writing and arithmetic and stay out of our lives! i wish that instead of trying to create a master race of like-minded people, the government would let us live our lives in peace and quit butting in! i know you mean well, and i'm sure there are a few sperm/egg donors out there that are doing a horrid job of parenting, but don't assume everyone falls in this category and let me keep my parental rights, and other rights as well.

not enough said, but oh well, i need to make dinner.

thank you
and goodbye


Melissa said...

i am stalking your blog, and i love your header!! so cute of the boys =)) also, i dig your breaking dawn countdown.... i will be there!!!!

Jade said...

You go girl. You let those government, schools and other have it.

flip flop mama said...

Totally with you on the school thing.

Becky said...

Love the pictures of the boys. Good job!

I don't have a school age kid yet but I'm sure I'll have plenty of crusty feelings when I do. That IS bogus!