Thursday, June 30, 2011


has it really been nine years? it just seemed like yesterday that we were amazed by this special spirit that entered our family. he was under 7 lbs with long fingers. he didn't like to be cuddled and always wanted to know what was going on around him. he didn't even cry, but just squeaked a bit when he was born. he cried a little when given a shot, but quickly calmed himself. what a dream baby he was! and to this day, he's just a good kid!

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mom and Cooper went on a mom-son date and saw Kung Fu Panda 2 in 3d. then we hit the See's factory on the way home (he really had to twist mom's arm on that one!)

he's been wanting a pogo stick for a while, so he got one! along with a video game of course.

happy birthday buddy! please stay sweet and kind....

Monday, June 27, 2011

fillin' summertime gaps and a crusty monday complaint

summer so far has been great! we've had beautiful weather, spent a few days on the shore and have had a nice relaxing time yesterday and today since a few of us have been plagued with a cold, a cold that steals away your voice.

so today, for lack of anything better to do and since i had a rental lens to play with, i took some shots of the boys. i've been wanting to experiment with the natural light from the skylights in our family room... here is some of what i got... (if you want to see more, click on one of these and it will take you to the gallery)

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and since it's monday, i should be crusty right?

todays crusty:

Why do people (government, schools and others) think they have to control our lives?

  • you cant get a Happy Meal in San Francisco anymore. well, you can still get a Happy Meal, but they took the "Happy" part away. why? because they promote "unhealthy eating." i'm not even kidding about this one. seriously, for the 1 or less Happy Meals my kids get a year, i think that as their parent, i should be the one making this decision, not YOU!
  • mason will be starting kindergarten in the fall. the school is telling the parents (all 80+ of us) that we have to come 15 minutes early everyday to read with our child. yes, that means that 80+ of us have to find a parking spot in an extremely congested street (the school has no lot for parents, only staff) so that you can make sure that our child is getting read to everyday (because they dont think we'll do it at home) plbbbtt! i think it's bogus and i'm going to fight it!
  • at mason's mandatory school check up (at the doctor) they asked me the most irrelevant questions. like, does your child play in the front yard? yes. under constant supervision? constant? he's 5 and i'm no spring chicken with go-go gadget legs! do you have a gun in the home? yes. is it locked in a safe, unloaded? yes. is the ammunition locked in a separate safe? um, what does this have to do with my child attending school? nothing at ALL!
if i think of anymore, there are PLENTY, i'll add them later. i just wish that the schools would teach reading, writing and arithmetic and stay out of our lives! i wish that instead of trying to create a master race of like-minded people, the government would let us live our lives in peace and quit butting in! i know you mean well, and i'm sure there are a few sperm/egg donors out there that are doing a horrid job of parenting, but don't assume everyone falls in this category and let me keep my parental rights, and other rights as well.

not enough said, but oh well, i need to make dinner.

thank you
and goodbye

Monday, June 20, 2011

last day at ortega!

so the boys' last day of school was bittersweet because Cooper for sure wont be returning and there's a good chance Sean wont as well. they've loved the school and we're sad to be moving on. hopefully they'll be able to keep in touch with the close friends they've made.

it's not always easy to say goodbye! Cooper loved his teacher this year and we loved her...

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sean got to decorate cupcakes!

Sean will miss his super cool teacher too!

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here is Sean with Finley, his "friend."

now we just need to survive summer.
any tips besides, "just keep busy?"


Friday, June 17, 2011

M n' M

I had the privilege of watching these two little ones while mom was busy getting an ultrasound... They should make a 100 more babies because they make cute ones!!! So freakin' adorable!

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Monday, June 13, 2011

awe a woman from the career of her humor

"Shall quips and sentences and these paper bullets of the brain awe a man from the career of his humor?"
--Billy Shakespeare

i was telling the hubby last night, "i wish that i didn't get so worked up about some things." i was created completely backwards. major stuff, i seem to handle better. minor stuff is like a thorn in my side.

like last night, i could hardly enjoy watching one of our favorite shows, Dog, The Bounty Hunter, with said hubby because i kept thinking about:
  • the stupid rebate situation from verizon that i'm trying to get worked out
  • the stupid canon situation
  • the cavity that i know i have
  • doctor's appointments that need to be made
  • bills that are due (why are there so many?)
  • as always, the "monday" do-list
i emailed myself at midnight last night, wrote it all down, so i wouldn't forget, so that i could fall asleep. and there is so much more than mentioned above. i'm feeling much less crusty, since i've made a huge dent in mr. crusty list. but still, i need to learn to cope better because there are always going to be these minor things to worry about.

they're never going to go away. i cherish those moments where is nothing to worry about. those moments where you take a deep breath and smile on the inside.

so i ask all the pros out there, how do you cope?

Monday, June 6, 2011

crusty monday

lately, i'm hatin' on money. and debt. and the stupid solicitor calls that we get to "consolidate" our debt.

we haven't ever been in debt until this whole "student loan" thing. i miss all those years knowing that we don't owe money to anyone. and now that we have loans, it's like a whole other world.

a world that i'm not liking, and we're nowhere NEAR the point of paying them back because daddy of my three sons has 3+ years left. then we get to start paying it off.

i think this is what it must feel like to be on a hitlist.
don't get me wrong. we thought long and hard before making this decision and it's an amazing opportunity for hubby to attend dental school.... but,

that's why i'm hating money today. i need to find a way to get me some. quick.

that california lottery is looking kinda tempting. then again so does this warm pile of laundry.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Braggin' Friday

Lovin' on Cooper today!

Cooper is responsible, always willing to help and is a good-natured and mellow kid. Granted there are times (usually when surrounded by a bunch of other kids) that he gets crazy.

Cooper is doing fabulous in scouts! He's earned his wolf and will move into the bear den as soon as he turns 9! We are planning on spending the summer doing stuff to earn his bear award so he can quickly move to webelos.

He's also doing very well with the piano. His teacher suggested that I sit and listen to him practice and so I did.... with camera in-hand of course. He's doing so well. He's very close to passing up his mom in skill level, yikes! I'm still so very thankful to my dear aunt Nancy for giving us this piano! What a HUGE blessing it has been! It gets played nearly everyday and doesn't collect dust.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

takin' on the high dive

that would be me. i love heights and water. i think i may grow some gills someday.

i promise you'll see less of mason and swimming, his parents are just so proud of him!

My End of Year Field Trip - 1st Grade

disclaimer: photos and words entirely by Sean (mom just typed and uploaded pictures for him)

Today, I went on a field trip to Pier 39. Mom let me take an old camera.

We saw lots of sea lions.

We were on the water on the blue and gold fleet. We saw dolphins (I didn't get a picture because they were too quick).

We saw Alcatraz. Alcatraz is an old prison that the worst bad guys went to. It looks like it got hit by a nuke.

We went under the Golden Gate Bridge. When we went under, it was really bumpy and I was almost falling down, but I was hanging onto something.

These are some of my friends.

This is Finley. She really likes science. I really like her (and science).