Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday's Cupcake Concoctions

what is it about Sundays that brings on a hungry sweet tooth? i seriously sit in church with motivation veering in the wrong direction... i find myself thinking about what i'm going to make for lunch when i get home. complete with side dish, drink and dessert. fast Sundays are the worst. by the time i hit relief society, i'm lost in a world of foody thoughts.

my hubby has been missing Crown Burgers (a Utah hotspot). so today i concocted a pastrami burger, fresh with homemade onion rings, fry sauce and potatoes. then for dessert i made peanut butter cookie dough cupcakes. oh, so sinful! i think i've concocted a little piece of heaven. yes i just used sin and heaven in the same analogy. and yes, you just may find me on the kitchen floor licking the beaters caked with peanut butter frosting. it is that good.


flip flop mama said...

They look that good! Yum!

Hanaike House said...

Yes, very sinful. Thanks for sharing!