Wednesday, May 11, 2011

just a month left with him

the car door slammed shut and i looked back at mason, all alone in the very back seat. "well it's just you and me again today buddy, what should we do?"


"should we have a party? just the two of us?"


"okay, i'll make eggs with peppers and mushrooms!"

mason scowls and curls his upper lip "no! ew!"

after a few minutes....

mason says, "mom, remember those days when you would let me play video games without practicing my letters? i want one of those days."

i guess this mom just cant win. after bringing in the garbage cans he heads straight for his room to outfit himself for a morning of "scaring the cat."

so far she doesn't look too bothered.

once again i'm reminded of how short my time is with having him to myself during the day.

i think i just may miss it.

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Joni and John said...

Your a cute mom Emily! I think I'm mostly looking forward to Clara beginning Kindergarten...