Saturday, May 21, 2011

evolution of a fish

remember this baby?

and remember this kid? (<----- click here, seriously for some good laughs, watch the videos on that old post, that kid was so funny!)

well he's evolving.

 learning to tread water
 hanging out on the edge of the pool because i'm bored, and that's how i roll
 diving for the ring
 jumping in the pool, trying to make the biggest splash possible

he's been in swim lessons for about 4 months and he loves it!

his teacher recommended that he skip a level because he's just too advanced (and fearless) for their age group.

way to go Mason!

watch out Michael Phelps, you have some competition coming!


Julie J. said...

Ha! He totally left his teacher hanging at the end. Swimming is so much fun!

Julie J. said...

I have to tell you, THE Next Three Days movie STRESSED ME OUT!