Monday, May 30, 2011

Crusty Monday

disclaimer: i love memorial day, this post is completely irregardless of the fact that it's a great holiday!

a few things to be crusty about today.

Crusty #1

the boys and i took a hike over the hill from the school they're going to attend this fall. i thought that the boys could walk over the hill after school. well, after today, here is the conclusion.....

can you see our house?
the walk itself wasn't bad. the views, spectacular. on the school-side of the hill, there's a nice trail. on our side however, we had to do a little trail-blazing. which was kinda fun except for ONE thing.

eight-legged freaks, otherwise known as ticks. i hate them, loathe them and we were stopping every 10 feet to pick them off of ourselves. and if you want nightmares tonight, go to google images and search for ticks. this was the least scariest photo i could find.

we arrived home and de-ticked ourselves. luckily no one got bit. but we wont be trail-blazing in the foothills anytime soon.

Crusty #2

my photo blog is already full. to my demise, i happen to love full resolution, high quality photos. they're so crisp and clean. so i broke down and moved all my photos to smugmug. for future use, there is a link on the side of this page to link you to my photos, if you're interested in that stuff.  it definitely helps me to get more traffic if you "like" some of the photos ;)

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