Monday, May 16, 2011

Crusty Monday Injury Complaints

i am feeling crusty about blogger's "read-only day" and am i the only one that lost something? but now to the good stuff....

notice i didn't blog on friday? didn't think so, but this leads to my crusties today. i hate getting injured, no matter how minor. it sucks. it seems to come in waves. it never fails to humble me.

last wednesday, i was putting dishes away. as i was shoving utensils in the drawer, my thumbnail nicked the side of the drawer giving me a beautifully placed splinter under my nail. i could see that it went pretty far down.... but i didn't really want to deal with it so i calmly dealt with the pain all day. later that night, i let the hubby dig in there with some tweezers, but all we got were a few chunks of wood.... after a restless night of trying to sleep with a hot throbbing thumb, i thought maybe i should go to the doc and get it out. so i called around, only to find that no one could squeeze me in and was told to "just go to the ER" several times. i just couldn't do it. the ER? really? for a stupid splinter?

so friday, i wake up and the thing is oozing yellow puss. i squeeze out as much as my stomach will handle and decide to go in... only after i get the house clean of course. around 11am, after hair and make-up (to lessen the embarrassment of going in for such a lame reason) i headed to the ER with mace in-tow.

so, i'll spare you all gory and boring details like:
  • sitting in the waiting room for hours
  • the old people comparing fall injuries
  • the 3 patients that coded
  • the crack whore trying to get free prescriptions
  • the drunk homeless dude, who made many appearances throughout the day
  • the fact that they couldn't get my finger numb meaning lots of shots
  • i picked like the busiest day ever in that particular ER
but i survived! the doc (who was super cool) cut a portion of my nail off and got the little sucker out. and i guess it had gotten pretty infected. he said that it was a good thing i'd come in (made me feel a little less like a dork).

moral of the story:

opposable thumbs, may be slightly overrated, however, the things that i noticed are hard to do without a working thumb
  • curling my eyelashes
  • hitting the lock/unlock button on the car remote
  • fastening my bra in the back
  • and a few more....
if you've made it this far through this most-boring post ever, you deserve a treat! your treat is .... a photo of mason and what he is up to right now.....

will he ever tire of Indiana Jones? he's having a marathon day....


    Julie J. said...

    "Read only" day totally messed me up!And when it was all over there were comments missing from a recent blog and who knows if more is missing that I haven't noticed yet.
    Matt totally got a splinter the same way in the same place you did when he was a kid, and he had to go to the ER too.
    When I was little I got a splinter in the side of my hand right where the pinky bends. I wouldn't let my dad dig it out, so it puffed out, turned green and yellow with puss and hurt so bad, my dad finally forced me to let him get it out. Splinters can be nasty!

    Nathan said...

    That does sound like a lame reason to need the ER...but, seriously splinters can be brutal!

    What a cute little Indie!

    flip flop mama said...

    I despise the ER but it sounds like you really needed to go! Glad you got it out!

    Abrie said...

    I love your family!!! I wish we lived closer! So...your visit to the ER sounds like a typical night at work for me. And people wonder why I don't love my job. Seriously.