Monday, April 11, 2011

what is emily going to complain about today?

since i spared everyone last week and decided to take a break from my moanings and complainings, i decided it's time to dive back in. now, in talking to the husband last night, i thought that maybe i should do away with crusty mondays, because there is a large gaping hole in my life for where optimism and positive thinking should reside. now that being said, i think as long as i stick to "minor" things--like cup rings on the coffee table, molds and mice, and defective electronics--i should be able to laugh through my complaining and open a forum for possible coping mechanisms/solutions. now for today's complaint....

::bad customer service::

we've all had to deal with it. and i'm one of those door-mat type people that just shrugs, walks away, gets home and regrets not having stood up for myself a bit more.

friday was such a day. i was totally discriminated against at my local Safeway (i'll spare you the details)
then there is a problem with my brand new dear camera and Canon's customer service has been quite lacking in that department (once again, i'll spare you the details)

i'm just frustrated and think back to when i worked in retail and how, no matter who my customers were, i did everything within the power i was given to "hook" them up and send them home smiling.

and why is it that when we have a bad experience the crustiness lingers in your soul. like, i'll forget about what happened, but still be grouchy and think, "why am i so grouchy? .... oh yeah! it's because of what happened this morning at the store..." or whatever.

so rasberries to YOU naughty, haughty customer service rejects.

take this VENT for all the whopping 6 people who read my blog!


Abrie said...

I so agree-customer service needs to be a whole lot better! Also, I miss you guys too and someday we will come visit! It may have to be when we figure out how to get rich though. :( For now the furthest we can afford to travel is Island Park...

Joni and John said...

It's comforting to hear other people have these feelings. I often think I'm too sensitive and I need to let it go more....
BTW I am quite curious about what happened at Safeway

Becky said...

Amen sister! I like that you call Mondays crusty. That's the perfect word for being the opposite of optimistic. And I totally agree...leaving situations like that while still unsatisfied is so disturbing. Usually you shelled out money or are willing to and then BAM left high and dry. So annoying and befuddling. Wait? Aren't I the customer?