Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Favorites

weeks go by so quickly these days. and fabulous friday is here again. a time to be positive.

i couldn't help it. i was browsing youtube last night and stumbled across this beauty... after a few tears, that i hid from nick because he doesn't love it like i do, i thought about the story. the themes of forgiveness, God, honesty, trust, charity, love and more make this a classic, well-rounded novel and play.

i'm reminded of the awkward days of my youth, when i would blast this soundtrack and rock in my dad's big leather rocking chair and sing along for hours. putting myself in the story. then later, when my mom got me 5th row center seats!! i remember smelling the smoke as it rolled off stage and feeling like i'd been sucked back into revolutionary france.

i love this scene where valjean is escaping the rebellion, with wounded marius in his arms, through the tunnels, he sings to God asking him to spare the man his daughter loves, to take his life instead... so simple, so selfless, i'm a totally gushy woman who loves musicals and get sucked right into the sap.

amazing right??

4 Valjeans? it's like the icing on the cake of les mis. who is your favorite valjean?  i'm partial to Irish-born Colm Wilkinson (1st singer). although that Alfie Boe (4th singer) is amazing (in another version of this same performance you can see him getting all teary-eyed and having to pull himself together before he comes in). freakin' awesome.

i thought this info from Wikepedia was fun (The London production of Les Misérables opened in October 1985, and transferred to Broadway in March 1987. Originally, the American Actors' Equity Association refused to allow Wilkinson to play the part of Valjean in New York, due to their policy of hiring only American actors. At this, producer Cameron Mackintosh refused to open the show unless Wilkinson played Valjean. Actor's Equity subsequently relented.)

what more could i ask for? besides TICKETS?

it never fails to touch my soul. i'm sure i'll be responsible for at least 10 more hits on the counter today while the kids are at school.


Becky said...

That is awesome. Beautiful.

Julie J. said...

This makes me want to dig out my play bills and see if one of these four were Valjean when I went to see it. I saw it 3 times in New York and once in San Fran. It's for sure one of my favorites too.

Emile Gibson said...

This made me pull up my soundtrack. Pretty sure I won't be listening to anything else for the next couple days.

flip flop mama said...

Les Mis came on random on our iTunes last week and almost every day since I hear Big Sister humming "Do you hear the people sing?" It brings a smile to my face. I first saw it for my 14th birthday so fabulous!

Jade said...

Love it. I was also one of those teenagers listening to this often. I keep trying to get my kids into it, but they think Phantom is better. I keep hoping it will come to SF again. IF it does, you and I are there.