Friday, April 22, 2011

My Favorite Good Friday

COOPER: mom, i don't wanna go, my car isn't fast
MOM: hmmm, that's not a bad idea, dad, should we just stay home?
DAD: um, shouldn't you go? you are a den leader....
oh yeah, i forgot

but we're glad we went. i'd never been to a pinewood derby.

for those of you who were as clueless as myself on this whole thing... the boys are given this.

and with their dad (or mom), they are to shape and cut the car, paint it and mount the wheels.

luckily the Lowe's by us has a pinewood derby workshop saturday where the boys can go and get lots of help on their cars (this is great for people like us, who dont have the proper tools).

nick took cooper and they came home with a pretty sweet looking little car.

fast forward to last night (the night before the race). we still needed to mount the wheels. nick brought home his dental tools to buff and polish the nails to make them slicker. we had bought some graphite lubricant, but i guess i had purchased the wrong kind because it melted the plastic on the wheels, EEK!! nick worked hard to try and get the wheels balanced and everything, but really the car just didn't roll well. i was a bit apprehensive about letting cooper race it. i could just picture his pouty little face when his car came to a dead stop before the track even flattens out.

we arrived at the race a little early and i told a guy there about what happened to cooper's car, he said, "let me see if i can help" and i pointed cooper out. he grabbed cooper and his car and they went into a corner, where this man put some graphite powder (the right kind) in the wheels and taped it shut.

well, thanks!! because cooper won FIRST PLACE!!! he is still on cloud nine. i apologize that i didn't take the time to edit these photos, they're not the greatest. i've only had this camera for a day!


here is the final and winning race... it was SO CLOSE!! too bad i stopped recording so early.


Becky said...

Very Cool!

Jade said...

This is my favorite church activity by far. I was sorry we missed it this year but Andrew would rather play with a blow torch at my dad shop then go to the derby. I could hardly blame him.