Friday, April 29, 2011

lovin' free fridays

drawing to the end of a long week i'm grateful that there is nothing on the agenda for today.

(well nothing, but vacuuming, laundry and typical every day mom stuff)

i'm grateful that the fridge is full of leftovers.
i'm grateful that the rag quilt i've been working on is finished! my first ever, and i think it turned out kinda cute. next time, i'm going to make smaller seams.

and i'm grateful for these babies, who worked their mango/oatmeal yumminess into our kitchen. for recipe, click here. of course, i have a fridge full of fresh healthy fruit and i choose to bake it into something fattening.

::rolling eyes at myself::

will i ever learn?

i need a good book to read.... any suggestions?


flip flop mama said...

Cute quilt!

Parkin Family said...

I Love your quilt! So cute! I just finished " The Discovery of Witches" Great book!

Becky said...

That sounds so yummy! I just read The Help. Have you read it? I LOVED IT!