Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Favs

i tried really hard to come up with a friday favorites post today that did NOT center around the new camera or photography in any way, but i'm going to resolve myself to the fact that i'm failing miserably. i thought about my beloved glider chair, my favorite spot to sit and read. i thought about the gas stove in the family room and the warmth it provides. i thought about my bedroom and the haven that it is... and then i thought of my camera and how i want to play with it some more. and just gave up.

i love photos! of course i had to break her in today. it's a little different and going to take some getting used to. it does so MUCH more than my little rebel (don't get me wrong, the rebel is an awesome camera and i would recommend it to anyone)

now if i could just get that laundry folded! and stop following mason and mikan around with a camera in their faces.

**video not shared for artistic reasons, just for entertainment, i obviously dont know how to keep my subject in focus**

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