Friday, April 1, 2011

Fantastic Friday!

feelin' only appropriate to praise the sun today

i like to consider myself "solar-powered"

it took me many years to realize that i need kisses from the sun to keep me in my happy place

living in utah was an experience for this california girl. i will admit that i did love the snow. but i loathed how long the winter lasted. it was like a month into winter and i was ready for spring. but i had to endure 4+ more months of bone-chilling cold. i dealt. whatever.

but being back in this mild climate has done wonders for my psyche. i love the sun. i love the mild sea air. i love the mist and fog. i love that i never need heavy coats, mittens or snow boots just to take kids to school.

my favorite thing. the sun. and living where it can kiss my cheeks often.

*photo by Curtis Martin

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