Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday's Crusties #3

well, i think we've made it over the $4 hump.
i'm really sick of watching the numbers go up. and up. and up.

if i were in the mood, i could make this post insanely long and talk about all of the causes behind gas prices skyrocketing again, possible solutions, and upcoming repercussions.

but the cost of gas simply makes everything else cost more. and that sucks. because whether we like it or not life is easier when there is more money in our pockets.

these gas prices are killing us! pray that my kids will get into the school by our house (Mason is already in, so, YAY for that!) so we don't have to drop 4 bucks a day to drive them to and from school.

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flip flop mama said...

This is seriously brutal. We haven't passed the $4 mark...yet...I'll probably cry when we do. Ouch!