Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy B days and Hodge Podges

Happy Birthday to Mason, he's the big 5 today! we celebrated on Sunday with grandma and cake. i made my first ice cream cake and it was a hit thanks to Rach for tips ;) !

today, his actual birthday was just a typical day in the Gibbons' home. we took a walk to the beach. the hills are turning green and the wildflowers are blooming.

here is the view looking from the beach back towards our home.

nick worked on waxing some teeth for school. mikan thought that she should be involved somehow. anytime a project is in process. she thinks that she has to be in the middle of things. very irritating, but kinda cute!


Julie J. said...

I am feeling super jealous right now. But not in a "I wish it was me instead of you" kind of way, more like I wish I was on that walk with you.

Parkin Family said...

Those pictures of the beach make we want to take a vacation! You are so lucky!

Anonymous said...

glad the cake turned out! it looks great!