Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Favorites #4

this Friday, let's talk about entertainment. the higher powers that be, high up in the entertainment industry know that we Americans are addicted. they know that us women need unrealistic expectations of romance to get us through the week. they know that the men need their violence and sports-fix. and they know that the kids don't bug their parents if they have mind-numbing animation to turn them into drones.

to segway into my next problem. the cost of said entertainment. ridiculous!! who wants to pay $100 or more a month to have all of these things at our fingertips? most of us do. most of us cant live without it. i'll admit, i have those days where the world has gotten the better of me and i just want to be sucked into a good movie or story.

which brings me to my point.

i love Netflix!!

since we've decided to live without cable TV, we rely on HULU and Netflix to give us what we need. it's cheap. you can watch on several devices (computer, xbox, Wii, etc) at one time. no limit. no advertising! you can fast forward and save your spot. streaming in HD :) we just love it.

two things i wish Netflix had:
1. subtitles
2. autoplay on series (like when one episode is done, the next one automatically begins)

i'm also afraid that people are going to figure out how much money they can save and the price of Netflix will also skyrocket like everything else in the entertainment industry. for example there is this article about Apple possibly taking over my beloved Netflix. the Apple corporation doesn't know the concept of "unlimited" anything. they nickel-and-dime you to death.

thank you dear Netflix.
please don't change.


flip flop mama said...

I heart Netflix so much. We too cut our cable 6ish months ago and went Hulu and Netflix only. It's been perfect for us!

Garrett said...

We live off of the Netflix Instant Queue.

Ever thought that the name Netflix kind of was early for its time? At first it was "order your DVDs on the net," but now it's "watch flix on the net." But I'm rambling.