Monday, March 21, 2011

Crusty Monday

have you ever opened several windows (i'm tech talking here, so i mean, like windows on the computer) and the speakers start blaring. then you have to go back to find which window is playing music? it's especially annoying if you're on your laptop next to a sleeping spouse, or trying to discreetly look at a website on your smartphone while standing in line at the grocery store. ya know?

this happens on sites, like and, etc etc.... the ads start blaring, GRRRR. also, people have music player on their blogs.

to save some friends, i love all my dear friends who have music players on their blogs and i've learned who you are so i can be prepared for the music to start. i like the music players on the blog. it's fun to see what people enjoy listening to, but i would like to be the one to push the play button if i'm in the mood to listen. i'm in the mood to read, that's why i'm sitting at my computer reading. i'm not to groove out. my advice, turn off the autoplay.


Jade said...

I am with you. I don't like the music.

Jamilla said...

I totally agree with you! I hate having to turn my sound down before browsing "just in case"!

Hanaike House said...

Oh yeah?!

Julie J. said...

Agreed. It scares the buhjeebers out of me everytime I'm not ready for it.