Monday, March 28, 2011

Crusty Monday in my neighborhood

across the street, we have this.....

the baseball fields are obvious. if you click on the photo, you'll notice at the base of the foothills a playground with swings, rock climbing wall, etc. also in the hills is a tree fort and rope swing.

naturally, this has become my kid's favorite spot to hang out. it's a heaven for my 3 young boys.

since the mentality of the area that we live in is to have dogs instead of children, our beloved baseball fields/playground has become the local hot spot to take your dog, let it off it's leash and let it run amok chasing frisbees and balls. this is all fine and dandy. i have nothing against dogs. just clean up their poop, and only let them off their leash if they're harmless (which most dogs are). people drive their dogs here, park their cars and let the dogs run.

really, i could care less. have fun with your pooch, all dressed up in a sweater, and pretend that you are normal. whatever.

now for my griping.

what i do care about is when you tell my children that they cant play there when there are dogs not on leashes. you want a private place for your dog to play undisturbed. (if your dog is dangerous then keep it on a leash, heard of them?)

really? really! the gall of some people. had i heard about this when it happened, this momma bear would have marched right over there and given mr. "my-dog-has-more-right-than-a-child" a piece of my mind! unfortunately it was two minutes too late.

what gives? it's a BASEBALL field. it was built for kids. it's a PLAYGROUND! i think that was built for kids too! if you want a private place for your pooch to run unleashed with no children, take mr. muggles to a freakin' dog park. ya' know, the dog parks that are everywhere in the bay area?

enough said. i really hope he yells at my kids again. i'd really like to have some words with him.



Jade said...

Next time that happens you remind that dork that there is a leash law in the city of Pacifica, and threaten to report him to the local officials for having his dog off a leash. I have the same grips about the sea wall and people letting their dogs run free.

Shannon said...

Ew I would be so freaking bugged!! Love the playground and totally loved this post!

P.s. all your amazing cooking is making me so hungry!!

disneyland_grandma said...

You should definitely go with them the next few times...
I would LOVE to be there if he ever came back again! The NERVE!!!

PS: When I saw the first picture at the top left, I thought "my three buns" :D

PPS: Love the "Heroes" reference...

Emily said...

my three buns!!! bwah ha haha!!!
i just may have to use that!

Julie J. said...