Thursday, March 17, 2011

72 Hour Kit Updating

as Mason was watching me unpack and repack the backpack, he asked, "is that for me?"
"It's for our whole family," I responded, a little despondent because it just doesn't seem like enough.

we have 3 kits. i've adapted this list from the LDS church to fit our family a little better.

kit #1 the grab and go bag. this is what you grab, when you don't even have time to think, when the water, fire whatever is seconds from endangering your life and you have to leave on foot. this must be able to be carried on your person (without a car). ours is in a backpack.
  • water
  • granola bars, jerky, canned meat (with pop-top lids)
  • emergency blankets
  • water filter (we have the water bottle that filters as you drink through a straw)
  • flashlight (with extra batteries, or crank-powered)
  • radio (with batteries)
  • pen and paper
  • knife
  • first aid kit
  • medications (acetaminophen, benedryl, ibuprofen, and whatever your family needs)
  • candles
  • lighter
  • matches
  • money (small bills)
  • small bible/scriptures
  • extra ziploc bags
  • wipes
  • a small hygiene kit (soap, toothbrushes, comb, shampoo, small towel)
  • feminine products
  • cell phone charger
kit #2 this is what you grab along with your backpack if you have a few minutes to get them in your car and drive away. i keep mine in 2 rubbermaid bins.
  • MRE's (you can buy these online, or through a military surplus store) they last for 10 years and are full "just add water" meals)
  • water filter, pump style (good ones aren't cheap! ask for one for Christmas, that's what we did ;)
  • shovel
  • axe
  • rope
  • duct tape
  • toilet paper
  • a clean change of clothes (socks and shoes too!)
  • jackets
  • poncho's
  • tarp
  • blankets (keep the sleeping bags near your 72-hour kit, so you can throw them in if you have time)
  • flares
  • toys for the kids (diapers and formula if needed)
kit #3 the safe. small portable (fire and waterproof is best) safe that you can keep your valuables in. if it's not water proof, put papers in ziploc bags.
  • money (have smaller bills on-hand)
  • immunization records
  • insurance information
  • credit cards (as well as the contact information in case you lose them)
  • birth certificates
  • marriage documents
  • portable hard-drive backed-up with valuable document/photos (i back mine up every few months or so)
  • pre-paid phone cards
  • contact list of friends and family
  • guns (with extra ammo, if that's your thing)
if you have pets, set their carrier with your kit, so you'll remember to grab them.

now that that's done, time to move onto getting the water barrels full (i never re-filled them after the move, shame on me!!), stabilizing furniture and cupboards, and taking inventory on the food storage.


Famous Amos said...

Love this Em. But what about clothing?? How much and what kit would you put it in??

Emily said...


I don't have clothes in the "grab and go" because all the stuff for our whole family has to fit in one bag, it's just too much. I do suggest having clothes if you have individual backpacks for each family member. I'm just not to that point yet. Definitely clothes are in the bins ;)

Jamilla said...

This is awesome! I need to do better! My kit hasn't been updated since we have had kids...that is trouble! This is a great detailed list of what I need to get going on. Where do you suggest starting?