Saturday, February 5, 2011

random saturday morning allergy thoughts

having a tough kid isn't always a good thing.

Mason will fall down and get all bloody, but he doesn't care, he jumps back up and continues with what he was doing. i sometimes wonder if the kid feels pain at all. of course he does, but still!?!

so yesterday, Mason ate a mango/coconut smooze!

a few minutes later, i notice a red rash on his cheek and neck. all we could find in the house was Clariton and Nick gave him some of that. the rash continued to spread and we picked up some benadryl at the store. the rash went away and Mason fell asleep early, so we put him in his bed.

later that night while i was trying to sleep, Mason was coughing up a storm (from a lingering cold). i went in to give him some cough medicine and he said, "mom, i threw up in my sleep." he'd barfed and didn't really care, so he just went back to sleep.

after changing his sheets, his clothes and giving him some cough medicine, i thought, in the last 8 hours, that kid has had more drugs then he's had in the past year. poor thing.

so now i have to figure out if he's allergic to coconut or mangoes, the only 2 ingredients in what he ate. and, if it's coconut, that will open up a whole other world of nuts and things he could possibly be allergic to. ARGH, i really thought i'd lucked out in the allergy department.

so, back to my original thought. if this had been Cooper, i would have heard about every minor detail, several times over. it would have gone something like this, "mom, i'm all itchy" "mom, my face is red, LOOK!!" "mom, something is weird with my face!" "mom, look at these bumps!" and later, it would have been, "mom, i threw up in my bed" and "mom, i cant stop coughing" etc .... etc... etc....

it amazes me that kids raised by the same parents can be such polar opposites.

and sometimes i wish that Cooper would complain a little less and Mason a little bit more.


Parkin Family said...

oh no...I hope you can figure out what he is allergic too. One of mine is allergic to eggs and has the same reaction..rash and throw ups...I found benadryl makes the coolest single dose packages that you can put in your purse for emergencies...they are awesome.

Jamilla said...

Welcome to the Club! Just kidding. That is really not cool. If you need any suggestions or help with anything, let me know. Sadly for us, we have 4 years of experience behind us.
On the bright side, if it is coconut, they rarely are linked to the peanuts and tree nut allergies. Good luck!

Julie J. said...

Poor guy. I love coconut and mango, so I think it's a tradgedy either way.