Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday's Crusties #2

i know i'm going to get a lot of flack on this one, but hear me out.

you know you've seen this woman. everyone has.

most of you love her for your own reasons. but personally i loathe her and all her friends and followers.

Costco is very dear to me. i remember the days when you could roam the isles with all of the "wholesalers." the isles were wide, tall, and free of congestion.

buying in bulk isn't always a good idea. and sometimes i see something and think, "oooo that looks good, but i wish i could try it before i buy a 100 of them...." hence the idea behind the free samples. admittedly a good one. and i remember when i was like, "oooo free sample, cool!" and "oooo, i actually wanted to try that!"

however, Costco here in San Francisco is a crazy cesspool of cheapskate hungry vultures lacking manners and morals. when a tired mother of 3 boys heads into Costco to load up on food, the last thing she wants to dodge are the people who are just there for the free samples. maneuvering a full cart while herding three kids is difficult enough without these people crowding the isles. they don't care who they block or cut off, it's all about them and their sample, nothing else exists, just themselves and the food. sometimes, even those waiting in front of them don't exist, they cut in line or just grab what is "theirs."

seriously irritating.

now for some coping mechanisms (since my blog post wont magically make all this nonsense go away)....

1. go to Costco when it's less crowded.
2. ask your local Costco if there's a time when they DON'T have samples out.
3. ask your local Costco if there's a time and day when they are not so busy.
4. weld spikes into your shopping cart
5. go "elaine benes" on them and yell, "trying to shop here! move aside!"

any other suggestions would be welcome ;)


The Wells said...

We have always had a business or executive membership at Costco. so when we were in CA we could get in and hour early. Here, Costco opens the same time for everyone. That is when I like to be there. Hurry in. I have my same route through the store I take everytime, avoiding the center "traps" section of toys, clothes, movies, and books. I hurry through the food and get to the line and get out of there.

Then when I have more time on other days, I like to go through the books and movies.

My Costco is also only 10 blocks down the street which makes it very convenient.

flip flop mama said...

Last week I was there and not one sample giver-outer had any on their carts and yet there were STILL crowds of people gathered just vultures. I just needed one thing and it still took me too long to get by. I'm so glad I didn't have a giant cart to navigate through the crowds.

Emile Gibson said...

People were much more polite about samples at the Salt Lake Costco. But now that we go to the Taylorsville one...I understand your frustration. I've found that they start putting the samples away around 5 pm and the crowds are almost nonexistent at that hour. That's when we go.