Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday's Crusties #1

to balance out the Friday Favorites, i decided i would try Crusty Mondays. a place to vent about my peeves and complaints. so crusty monday #1 is all about, view-cutters.

view-cutters is a name i have given to the people that cut right in front of you and stand right where you were looking. this mostly happens in the store. you're standing there reading the signs and labels, trying to decide what you want exactly, and someone comes and stands right in front of you. this drives me NUTS. i seriously have been tempted to say, "um, you know you just blocked my view, that's rude, in case you didn't know."

at first i thought, "maybe it's cultural?" when i lived in Japan, i used my toe to point to an item on a bottom shelf once. the clerk kicked me out of the store. i guess it was rude and i had NO idea. but i dont think that "view-cutting" is cultural, because all kinds of people have done this to me.

and i'm not sure why it bothers me so much. i just think, "i know you noticed that i was standing here looking, but you just didn't care, what you needed to see was more important."

the thing is, sometimes i wish i could be more like elaine benes (for any and all Seinfeld fans out there). she would never let anything that bugged her slip through her fingers. i guess i would call her the antithesis of a "doormat."

so to conclude, if you were elaine benes, what would you do about "view-cutters?"

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Julie J. said...

I would want to say,"Move it or lose it, freak! I was here first." or I would make a loud "Tuh" noise, so they would know they ticked me off.But I would probably just stand there and wait for them to finish... I used to speak my mind a lot more often but I started getting super rude and not even trying to put things nicely. It would embarass my husband so now I don't do it as often.
I love this Crusty Monday idea. I'm looking forward to more.