Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Favorites Closet #3

i'm diligently trying to keep my Friday Favorites posts away from food. i love food so much, i'm sure that a few will creep in, but for now i'm going to go with non-food favorites.

one of my favorite things lately stems from our new home. we have two showers. the kids have theirs and we actually have a master bathroom! it's as small as a closet, but hey, it's mine. unfortunately i hate it. but, i LOVE the kids' shower.

i'm talking, i love the fact that it's NOT low flow. i steal an extra few minutes every morning just standing in it's warmth, not wanting to leave the embrace of it's inviting privacy and steam. i love showers! and i love all the smells that come with it, whether it's a new shampoo or body soap, or the smell of the grapefruit face scrub.

and i hate getting out.


flip flop mama said...

I love hot showers too....I just like to stand under the water and let it run over my face.

Makes me want to go take a shower right now!

The Wells said...

I do like our new shower, but our water heater is only 40 gallons so that means we have to take really quick not-so-hot showers on days that more than one person needs it.